Green Tea: Amazing Health benefits You Never Knew About!

Regular exercise, sound sleep and a healthy diet help in maintaining a fit body. Working people tend to get their energy from a cup of tea. Coffee and tea breaks rejuvenate the body, physically and mentally. So, why not switch to the healthy beverage alternate-green tea. One can have iced or hot tea in between meals. Taken along with your breakfast or lunch, you naturally feel energetic and refreshed. Offering a superb way to lose weight, green tea contains high levels of compounds that absorb fat. It also prevents cancer and gum and teeth decay problems.

Tea at a glance

The production of tea was first started in India in 1830’s. India is the biggest exporter of tea and it has been transported to U.K, China, Russia and UAE. USA is not really famous for tea production but there are three areas where tea is grown: plantation in South Carolina, Skagit Valley and Alabama. America is a major producer of herbal tea. There are three types of tea: Green tea, black tea and oolong tea. A study states that an average of 51% Americans like to have tea everyday, 85% people there prefer black iced tea and 14% being green tea and rest is either white or oolong tea.

Green tea

Green Tea benefitsGreen tea and black tea are both extracted from the same plant. Green tea can be obtained from unfermented leaves which is included in a class of anti-oxidants named polyphenols. Green tea is a zero calorie beverage that is preferred by lots of people. It first originated in China but became famous throughout Asia. Green tea has been used as medicine for improving heart and mental conditions and healing wounds. It has other benefits like lowering blood pressure and also preventing cancer. It is known that green tea has comparatively more benefits than black tea. The amount of caffeine in green tea is less as compared to black tea or coffee.

Health benefits of green tea

Under a lot of stress and work pressure, it usually becomes difficult to visit gyms or start weight loss programs. Star anise tea, peppermint tea, rose tea, oolong tea and green tea are some good examples that help digestion, prevent constipation, build metabolism and weight lose. Green tea has some antioxidants and essential nutrients which have positive impacts on the body, making it one of the healthiest beverages of the world.

  • Weight loss- Green tea alone cannot help in weight reduction. An overweight or obese person should follow a healthy diet and work out regularly. Green tea 24-40 mg of caffeine, whereas coffee contains about 100-200mg. Caffeine is a useful stimulant that is used to burn fat in the body. Polyphenol compounds present in green tea help in burning fat. When green tea lowers our blood sugar level, people automatically tend to eat less. When excess water weight is removed, body weight naturally reduces.

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  • Prevent diseases– Green tea contains flavanoids and catechins which are powerful antioxidants. It helps to reduce the production of free radicals in the body. Free radicals are considered to play a major role in different diseases. The reason green tea is most powerful to improve health because it includes epigallocatechin gallate, an antioxidant which can treat various diseases. It has some minerals which improves health. One should buy the best brand of green tea as it contains lower levels of flouride that helps in weight reduction too.
  • Improvement of gums- Green tea helps in improving tooth and gum problems. It has some anti-inflammatory properties that lower the risk of getting periodontal diseases.
  • Improving skin- The antioxidants found in green tea are good for skin improvement and glow. It fights against diseases like skin cancer. The antioxidant kills free radicals causing wrinkling and skin aging. Green tea contains antibacterial agents that reduce stimulation of skin hormones. When it is used as a face pack or drink, the skin glows and complexion also becomes fair.
  • Arthritis- Green tea helps in preventing arthritis. It plays a major role in blocking of enzymes that damages cartilage.
  • Makes bones strong- Just because green tea contains a high quantity of fluorides, the bones become strong. A cup of green tea everyday helps to preserve bone density and develops strong bones.
  • Fights against diabetes and cholesterol- Green tea helps to lower bad cholesterol without disturbing good cholesterol. Green tea along with some low cholesterol foods and daily exercise helps to lower cholesterol level. A cup of green tea relaxes the body and leads to improvements in various aspects of brain function, that include better mental capabilities vigilance, reaction time and memory. It helps to balance body’s metabolism rate by preventing increase in blood sugar level.
  • Boosts memory and prevent Alzheimer- Green tea is very effective in boosting memory as those who consume green tea extracts find that their memory and brain functions much faster. It avoids the formation of beta amyloid plaques that causes Alzheimer disease.
  • Heart diseases- According to scientists, green tea also works on blood vessels lining that helps to resist changes in blood pressure. Clots cause heart attacks. Green tea prevents the formation of clots, hence reducing the risks of heart attacks.
  • Hair growth- Epigallocate -3-gallat present in green tea helps in promoting hair growth. It also helps in stimulating human dermal papilla cells that boost hair growth.

There are a lot many benefits a person gets from green tea. Green tea helps in the hydration of the body. It reduces stress, provides pain relief and boosts the immunity system of the body.

Comparing green tea with other teas

Green tea is better and healthier than other teas. Its intake is so powerful that it helps not only in weight loss but is also used to treat menstrual problems. In china and Japan, people drink green tea. This type of tea can be enjoyed even cold. Iced tea can help in treating breast or prostate cancer. One should make it part of their diet because of its rich natural antioxidant content that helps fight against several diseases.

Green tea is a powerful protector and it is delicious too.

Final words!

Green tea provides so many health benefits. Making green tea part of your daily diet may help to prevent diseases. It is a good antiviral agent, which gives relief from problems like influenza and Diarrhoea. Green tea greatly helps in providing relief to people suffering from stress. Regular intake of green tea largely benefits fat individuals in their weight loss. So make a habit to rely on green tea for better living.

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