Health benefits of drinking water

“Water is life.” It’s not just a tagline, but a reality that shows the importance of water in our lives. When it comes to the health benefits of drinking water, you just make a list and keep counting.

benefits of drinking water

The human body is composed of up to 75% of water while infants have a much higher amount of water (typically around 75-78%), and adults have an average of 50-65%. The healing power of water is impossible to replace with any other substances. Whether you are drinking water to lose weight, combat chronic state of dehydration or mitigate a headache, this natural gift has the capacity to relax your body and provide a peace of mind. A Slovakian proverb has rightly described the attributes of water, “Pure water is the world´s first and foremost medicine.”

Water not only satiates our body and soul, but also counters many body problems. Don’t compromise with the ideal amount of water that your body needs.

Let’s see some of those prominent benefits of drinking water that ensure our well-being.

Fight fatigue with water:
Those who have complained of fatigue and dehydration can get relief by taking plenty of water. Water is an integral part of the physical workout and athletic exercise as it helps you maintain the fluid balance in the body and prevent exhaustion. A long session of workout and sweating requires some refreshment and water plays this role perfectly.

Reduce the risk of cancer:
Yes, it’s scientifically proven that water can lower the risk of some specific cancers, especially colon and bladder cancers (prevention of bladder carcinogens). Research studies have also found the benefits of drinking water for reducing the risk of breast cancer in some cases.

Shed extra weight:
If you are venturing to fight obesity, then don’t forget to have plenty of water with you. Since water contains no calorie or carbohydrate, it can suppress your appetite without making any negative effects on your body. Taking a little water before a meal can boost metabolic functions in the body and reduce your feeling of hunger as well. Doctors also prescribe drinking water to lose weight and following this practice you can achieve a slimmer look over a period.

Clean kidneys and liver:
Want to remove waste and toxins from the body? Drinking water proves to be the most helpful and effective method that sweeps all such waste materials in the form of urine and sweat, ensuring smooth functioning of the internal system. Moreover, drinking water aids in reducing blood pressure and the risk of urinary tract infection, coronary heart disease and heart attack.

A painkiller and a stress-buster:
Believe it or not, the mild body pain and dehydration-triggered headache can be mitigated just by drinking pure water. Health experts also recommend drinking plenty of water at certain interval to combat headache triggered by the migraine. Drinking water to lose weight distresses body after an intense workout. Water is the cheapest fuel to energize your muscles and make them stronger too.

Dampens hangover:
You want to forget the last night booze and prepare for office with the fresh mood, then what to do? Water is there to help you out by hydrating your body. Take 1 or 2 glasses of water to dampen the misery of hangover and remove that innervating bouts of headache to be office-ready. A natural way to offset the dehydration!

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To combat depression:
Water offers a natural mean to get relieved physically and mentally. Maybe you are carrying a lot of burden on your shoulder or forced to live in the shell of sadness, drinking some amount of water can make you feel relaxed for a moment. Undoubtedly, water is a mood-changer and it somehow pulls you from emotional suffer and anxiety. The excellent benefits of drinking water are very much realized in defying mood disorders.

Maintains skin’s beauty:
Water works like an anti-aging agent as it corrects complexion and makes the skin more radiant and luminous. There are certain toxins that cause inflammation of the skin and then clog the skin pores. By drinking plenty of water on a regular basis, you can flush out those toxins. Moreover, water helps ease the wrinkles by hydrating skin, so that you are able to maintain a younger look for a long time.

Strengthen joints and cartilage:
Another powerful benefit of drinking water can be witnessed in longer life of joints and cartilage. There is about 85% of water in the tissue coating our bones, so the deficiency of water can directly hurt the functions of our joints. In fact, water can make such protective tissues healthy and enhance their capacity.

The list of health benefits of water cannot be cut short but take it wisely. Our earth is naturally blessed with water, but unfortunately many some countries are facing the crunch of drinking water. Let your body do not feel that crunch and understand that there is no substitute for water. You avail the benefits of drinking water and, at the same time, make efforts to preserve it for the upcoming generations too.

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