How to grow taller fast

Good height and smart look, these are two things that we usually crave for. Those who aren’t tall constantly search how to grow taller fast before it is too late. There are some tips to increase height if you are ready to follow.

How to grow taller faster

Most of the people think that height is a God-gifted attribute that cannot be changed or modified. This notion is not completely right; rather there are many examples when people have successfully achieved a good height who once thought it was not possible anymore. The reality is that you can add a few centimeters to your height up to a certain age. Maybe different experts suggest how to increase height through natural methods and medications; you never know what works best in your case.

Anatomy of height:
The height of a person is greatly determined by genetics, though it’s not the sole determinant. Medically, the height of the human body is regulated by a particular hormone known as Human Growth Hormone (HGH) which is secreted by the pituitary gland. The limited production of HGH means your height will be smaller than people with high HGH production. This hormone is also essential for the growth of bone and cartilage.
There are some other factors that also play a role in determining height, such as poor nutrition during childhood, smoking and alcohol during pregnancy, low weight during birth, prenatal and post-natal care, sluggish lifestyle and others.
You can increase your height to some extent with the help of some prescribed methods, especially physical exercises. The inclusion of some healthy habits and right advices into your lifestyle will tell you how to grow taller fast and achieve a good height.

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Methods to increase height:
The physical workout is the easiest, effective and safest way to increase height apart from diet and other methods. Research studies have found that up to 18 years of age you get an idea about your height and it is possible to increase up to 24 years, may be more in some cases. So you should look for, how to increase height by any possible means.

Exercises to increase height:

• Swimming
Swimming offers the best solution to grow your height naturally. This sport requires plenty of stretching and physical activity that ultimately helps lengthen bones and muscles. Go for up to 1-2 hours of swimming 5 days a week to find a good result. Those who start swimming at an early age are seen to possess a good height.

• Hanging Exercises
As the name suggests, hanging exercises are height-increasing workouts that you can practice either at home or the gym. You simply have to hang down from a bar to stretch your body. Give a few minutes daily to the hanging exercise and you will feel the difference. You can also do some acrobatic movements while hanging so the entire body is involved in the exercise.

• Jump Rope
Jump rope is an excellent body-stretching exercise that helps you to develop strong muscles and bones. You can simply practice it at home in the limited space. The jumping motion also helps you burn the extra fat to get a slim physique.

• Bicycling
Cycling is one of the most effective exercises recommended by the experts to improve height. This environment-friendly exercise also increases blood flow and reduces the risks of heart diseases. Those who wonder how to grow taller fast can simply take up cycling that is a very pleasant experience.

There are some more exercises that help you to grow height, such as:

• Forward Spine Stretch
• Basic leg stretches
• Super stretch and touching toes
• Twists
• Cobra stretch

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Yoga gives a natural and comparatively less strenuous way to boost your height. Certain postures of yoga help increase the production of Human Growth Hormone, thereby you will be able to increase height. The yoga postures like Suryanamaskar, Tadasana (mountain pose), Trikonasana (triangle pose), Vriksasana (tree pose), and Sukhasana (pleasant pose) are very useful for improving height.

Don’t forget a healthy diet:
The absence of a nutritious diet is one of the strongest causes for not letting you touch your potential height. Emphasize more of the essential nutrients, such as vitamin C, zinc, potassium, lactic acid, manganese, protein, phosphorus and calcium; these elements stimulate the height-increasing hormone in the body. Add nuts, whole grains, green vegetables, potatoes, low-fat dairy products and fruits to your meal to achieve a long look.

Vitamin D:
Vitamin D is an essential nutrient to boost up your overall growth, including height, and sunlight is its best natural source. If you are looking for how to increase height through natural means, then don’t forget to spend some 20-30 minutes daily in the sunlight. The best time to take sunlight is early in the morning when the intensity of UV rays is not so high. Other sources of vitamin D include eggs, cheese and milk.

Other methods:
There are some other means to increase height that you can include in your lifestyle to support the production of HGH. These practices include:
• Drinking plenty of water
• Shed body weight or remove obesity
• Quit smoking and alcohol
• Limit the intake of fast foods
• Sit in right posture

Everybody is blessed with a natural height that grows up to a certain age. But all doors are not closed for those who could not touch the maximum height or remained under height. As described the workout regime will help you stretch height to some extent. Moreover, you can also consult a doctor who can tell you how to grow taller fast through some specific medications.

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