Sex on the skin, helping in acne reduction

Sex is an ultimate beauty enhancer; it is one of the easiest and the healthiest way to get those rosy cheeks and clear, sparkling skin. Sex is the answer to many beauty ailments like acne. There is a huge effect of sex on the skin. So, here is the guide you on how sex can make you look beautiful.

We all know that women, all over the world devout a large amount of time and money on beauty products that promise youth and infinite beauty. Whatever we women invest in, the creams, the lotions, the expensive visits to beauty salons, nutritionists and doctors, all seem to go in vain sometimes. We often forget the fact that the nature’s secret of youth and beauty lies between the sheets! Yes, sex is the nature’s way to maintain that glow on your face.

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Affect of sex on skin: Sex has a great effect on the skin or in wider terms the whole body. Lovemaking is a good Sexercise(Sex+Exercise). The benefits of Sex are unlimited; some of the common benefits that sex does to skin are as follows:

1. A natural makeup: Sex is the nature’s natural makeup for women. Rather than spending hours with those makeup brushes to get that fresh and rosy look, spend some minutes in bed with your partner. According to research, a good sex is a very good vasodilator. Sex causes the flurry of blood to reach your face and run with full force in the whole body too. When you get aroused, the mucosal membranes of the face give the reddish tint to your face and provide you that perfect rosy pout.

2. Makes you glow: Another beauty benefit of sex on the skin is that sex provides you that rosy glow. Studies show that sex enhances the circulation of oxygen to your skin and thus makes it appear brighter and shinier.

3. Keep away aging and wrinkles: Having sex not only boost the blood circulation but it also helps in warding off those ‘worry lines’ or wrinkles. Having sex regularly and experiencing orgasm helps to relax the body and improve the collagen production to repair age spots. This effect of sex is not temporary, rather it is a long time effect of sex.

4. Prevents dry skin: Aging and menopause can make some women look older than their age because they have stopped making love. The face starts looking very dull and dry. Having sex is the best way to maintain that youth like skin even in greying years.

5. Cleanse the pores Say goodbye to cleansers, sex will do the trick for you. Doing sex regularly will help you sweat out all the dirt; makeup residues, etc. from the pores of the skin and will naturally cleanse your skin.

6. Saves your hair Doing sex is the best thing to do for your hair. Sex affects the scalp skin also in a positive manner. Indulging in sex increases the blood flow to the hair follicles that nourishes your hair in return.

7. Makes your nail stronger: Doing sex creates a hormonal rush in the body. The Sex hormones are released in an extreme amount owing to lovemaking. The same hormones are necessary to keep the nails stronger and healthier.

8. A fountain of youth: A woman having an average sex life looks far more beautiful and young than a sexually inactive one. This is because indulging in healthy lovemaking ends up increasing the functionality of the body and hence wards of various serious health risks. If you keep getting busy under the sheets then as a couple, you both might be decreasing at least eight years from your present age.

Sex and its biggest benefit of skin i.e. Acne treatment

No doubt those hormones play a very important role in Sex. These are the same hormones that affect the skin also. They are the major components of acne causing factors. All of us know abbot sex hormones i.e. testosterone, estrogens, and progesterone. These are found in both females and males but testosterone levels are higher in males, and the other two are the primary female hormones. Testosterone hormones is the hormone that characterises the features of a Man. It is the hormone responsible for beard, the size of muscles, the harsh voice and oily skin. The abnormal levels of testosterone hormone can cause Acne in both males and females. When quantities of the testosterone hormone increase in the body, it causes the sebaceous gland to produce more oil on the skin. As a result, the oil clogs the pores of the skin. These blocked pores act as a breeding ground for the acne causing bacteria. Thus, it causes acne.

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However, we are bestowed with the super tool to avoid the condition. Having sex flushes out the excess oil from the pores and opens the clog. Thus, it is the best solution for you to go under sheets and ward off that acne burst.

Conclusion: Sex is a natural phenomenon and humans are sexual beings. Sexual activities and sex hormones have a great effect on our skin. Sex is not only necessary for the health of a good relationship, but it is also good for the health of our skin also. Hence, maintain a healthy sex life for a healthy you.

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