Skin Care Advice for Dry Skin During Winters

Where winter season is enjoyed by most of us, it is hardly fun for the skin. Cold and chilling weather is extremely drying because of indoor heat and outdoor chills. In this case, skin care routine has to be changed just to fit with the season. Low humidity levels and cold weather results in dry air, which tends to steal away all the moisture from the skin. If one stops protecting the dry skin, then it may result in cracking and bleeding, whereas, harsh wind of the winter may make the situation more problematic.

There is no need to suffer with the leathery complexion whole season. Here are some common problems of the skin / scalp which occurs during the winter season and some natural tips to make them glow and healthy.

Common winter skin care problem and possible solutions:

• During winters the dry and flaky skin gets worse due to increase in use of hot water, non moisturizing soap and indoor heat. In this case, what you can do is use soaps which are either labelled as mild or for sensitive skin. These soaps would be free of skin drying chemicals, so moisturize properly. If the skin is slightly dry, then try to look for moisturizers which shows lotion on the label. Make use of cream, baby oil or bathing oil for your skin dryness. • Our scalp shed dead skin cells in dandruff form or large clumps which could be due to yeast like fungus on the scalp. You must get a prescription lotion or try medicated shampoo. Apart from preventing dandruff, some over the counter dandruff shampoos may work to clear off the symptoms. In case, if the shampoos won’t work, then you must visit your nearest dermatologist and then steroid lotion or spray can be prescribed which could decrease the inflammation. • Another problem which may occur due to cold, dry weather, any allergy or stress is Eczema i.e. inflammation of the skin. An over the counter (OTC) cream can be applied. Whereas, applying a hydrocortisone cream or cream containing an antihistamine may also provide some relief from itching and inflammation. Over the counter antihistamines helps to relieve symptoms and, for severe cases, one may try antihistamines with sedative. • Our hands and feet are the most common spots for the cracked skin; the reason it occurs is due to extreme dryness in winter season. Also Read: All You Want to Know About Dry Skin Skin Care Advice for Dry Skin

We have a solution for this problem; simply you could dip your hands and feet in the lukewarm water, let them dry and then moisturize with petroleum jelly. Also, try to wrap the hands and feet in some plastic wrap and wear a pair of thick cotton mitten and socks before going off to bed.

Besides these skin problems, one could follow some natural tips which would help to bring in the most attractive and healthy glowing skin.

Natural skin care tips for healthy skin glow

For healthy and glowing skin, it is not necessary that every time you need to visit beauty parlor or salons. There are several homemade tips for a glowing skin in winter season. For natural skin glow, one should exfoliate and moisturize the skin with the help of natural ingredients such as aloe Vera, lemon and honey. Homemade tips are not only meant for women, but men too can use them for a healthy glowing skin. Following the right natural ingredients for the skin, helps to keep it soft and fresh in both the seasons; summers and winters. Also Read: Your Guide to a Clear Skin

Homemade skin care tips for healthy and glowing skin

• Lemon makes skin clean and clear because it’s bleaching properties removes oil and dirt layer from the skin. Also, it’s rich in vitamin C giving skin a natural glow and fair complexion. • Tomatoes are another effective home remedy for a healthy glowing skin. It contains tartaric acid and lycopene (anti oxidant), which tend to reduce all the dark spots and wrinkles on the face. Simply mash a tomato and apply on the skin, leaving it for about 20 minutes. Wash off with warm water to get a radiant and spotless skin. • Take milk cream and add some rose water and honey into it. Apply the cream on skin and leave it on the skin for 15 minutes. This will give nourishment to the skin because of the presence of moisture and nutrients in it. • The fruits such as papaya and pineapple contain acids and enzymes, which tend to remove dirt and oils clogged in skin pores. For this, you must mix both the juices together and then gently apply onto the skin leaving for about 20 minutes. This will make the skin much clean and clear, giving natural glow. Other than the homemade tips, there are few simple natural tips which should be kept in mind too. Also Read: 20 Secrets To A Naturally Glowing Skin

Effective natural glowing tips

Wash face- Wash your face twice or thrice in a day, as the skin of the face need more water. Use gentle soap during wash so that, it does not harm the sensitive skin.

• Toner- Make use of skin toner as it cleanses the substances on the skin which gets missed during soap wash. Toner also helps to close skin pores, but if you have an oily skin then try to use a stronger toner which will be readily available in the market.

• Sun protection- Always use a good sunscreen on skin while getting out of home in sunlight. Sunscreen with SPF 30 gives skin protection from harmful sun radiations. But, one must visit a dermatologist as he would prescribe which sunscreen will be best according to your skin. Must Read: Top 5 Super foods For Flawless Skin

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