10 Flat Belly Secrets

It’s no secret that everyone desires to have a toned body, especially a flat tummy! A flat midriff is a sign of good fitness level, and can be achieved with the right diet and dedicated workouts.

This article highlights how losing the extra flab around the waistline to reveal a flat belly is quite manageable!

1. Try finding out the reason for the unwanted flab around the waist:

Some of the obvious suspects for unwanted tummy flab include lack of exercise, excess of overall body weight and a faulty diet. Even digestive health issues, doing the wrong workout, lack of variation in workouts and a stressful lifestyle can cause weight gain around the mid-section. Identifying the problem can make the process of weight loss around the belly a much simple task.

2. Pay attention to what you put in your belly:

This one’s pretty simple. For achieving a toned midriff you need to eliminate processed foods, excess salt, sugary treats, caffeine, fizzy drinks and alcohol from your diet. Instead stock up on healthy and nutritious food like vegetables, fruits, lean proteins, nuts, seeds, eggs and whole grains. For quicker results, one can also try browsing through a reputed online pharmacy for weight loss medication that is safe and natural.

3. Cardio your way to a flat tummy:

Boosting metabolism and melting away fat is precisely what cardio does for your body. So choose a cardio activity like walking, running or interval-based training. Practice it at least 4 times a week, and burning those fat layers around the waist will soon become an easy task.

4. Always choose quality over quality:

What’s the point doing 100 crunches if you’re doing it wrong? Practicing any exercise in the right form will help achieve faster results than simply moving with momentum. Focus on doing every exercise slowly and properly, and most importantly get its form right.

5. Fiber – your new best friend:

One of the easiest ways to clean your system and speed up the process of weight loss around the tummy is to include fiber in your diet. It is great for improving digestion, eliminating waste and simultaneously clearing your system, and keeping your tummy bloat-free. So, bring home whole grains, nuts, seeds, legumes, flaxseeds, psyllium, oat bran and barley right away!

6. Stock up on the “right” fat:

Not all fats are bad, in fact, some are extremely essential to keep your hair and skin healthy and glowing. Having them in moderation aids the body to break down thebad fats (white bread, lollies, cake, etc) This will ensure a healthy and slim body, particularly around the middle!

7. Beat the bloat:

It’s a fact that salt retains water and causes puffiness. Though salt cannot be completely eliminated from the diet, its usage can certainly be reduced. This can be done by replacing salt with other spices and herbs. Also, “beer belly” got its name for the obvious reasons. In addition to bloating your tummy and adding calories, alcohol also restricts your body from using up the already present calories. This lead to weight gain, especially around the waist. So, if bidding adieu to alcohol is difficult, aim at drastically reducing its intake.

8. Posture matters: 

Walking with a slouch not only brings attention to bad posture, but also to the midriff. On the other hand, walking straight or standing a little taller significantly enhances your overall appearance, makes you look confident and also takes the focus away from your tummy.

9. Focus on living a stress-free life: 

Stress can have varying effects on different people. But it does cause a tendency among many to reach out to “comfort foods”. Feeling exhausted or stressed also makes people want to rest instead of working out. To make matters worse, stress causes the levels of cortisol (a stress hormone) to shoot up in the body , which is directly linked to weight gain.

10. Love your self and befriend your belly:

Loving yourself and embracing your flaws can be transformative in many ways. It’s alright to work towards achieving your maximum potential, but it is also important to treat your body with kindness. So, focus on what you’ve got, instead of brooding on the imperfections.

While trying to achieve weight loss, it is important to focus on having a toned body rather than looking emaciated. For this, a proper combination of exercise and a healthy diet is required. There are only two secrets to achieving a flat belly and that’s hard work and dedication. If you’ve found this blog helpful, do share it on your facebook or twitter profile.

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