Most of us are well aware of unlimited health benefits of Yoga but finding the discipline to be regular in routine and to stick with it is often the most difficult part due to the busy lifestyle and hectic work schedule. In today’s scenario, every obese person wants to lose weight, but as we all know it involves a lot of discipline and commitment. However, not all of us can work-out and sweat it out for two hours in a gym, also following zero-oil and zero-sugar diet to lose weight is also not easy. Infect for some people when it comes to dieting, it becomes very difficult for them to stay motivated. Another reason for giving up is expecting immediate results from any weight loss routine and hence most of us giving up in mid-way.

Yoga is something that not only helps in weight loss but it also calms the mind and increases immunity. Some people find dieting as an efficient way to lose extra calories, but in reality, just the way a strict diet helps you lose weight, in the same way it bounces back the lost weight on you when you come back on your normal diet. Hence it is important to follow good diet techniques along with healthy lifestyle and regular exercise to reduce weight.

Health Benefits of Yoga:

Not all things work and suit everyone, but if yoga is done with dedication and discipline, you can surely lose that extra pounds and stay in shape. One can find the numerous benefits of yoga.

While it is said that if we compare yoga to high-intensity workouts, yoga burns lesser calories, but there are some yoga flows as well and if done at a moderate to high speed, can make you sweat like no any other workouts.

Maintaining a regular yoga practice can provide you so many physical and mental health benefits. Along with weight loss, yoga also plays a vital role in relieving stress, which is one of the key causes of weight gain. When practiced on a regular basis, it leaves you feeling fresh, calm, bounces focused. Yoga incorporates breathing exercises and meditation to keep your body, mind, and breathe in harmony, thereby encouraging relaxation and eliminating stress from your life.

How often should you do yoga to lose weight?

Practicing yoga as often as possible will be very helpful in order to lose weight. You can do a more active, intense practice at least for four to six times per week for at least one hour a day. But if you’re a beginner and you are just going to start practicing yoga, you should start slowly and gradually you build up your practice. This will allow you to build up your flexibility and strength and prevent injuries. You can do a self-practice for at least 20 minutes daily and allow yourself one full day of rest each week.

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Almost all of us aware of the fact that weight management depends on two main factors which include diet and exercise. Many of us can’t exercise, we immediately have a thought of cutting down on food intake, which is not always considered a good idea. Research studies revealed that Weight loss is 80%, while 20% exercise which means we could be sweating in the gym every day, but poor eating habits may undo all that hard work. Therefore, we should focus more on our diet, what we eat on a regular basis, what are our food choices, and how we eat rather than starving ourselves just to lose some extra pounds. A wide range of weight loss products are available at online pharmacies. You can pick appropriate weight loss products online from trusted brands at

Weight loss can be a pain for many people. They believe that to lose extra pounds, you must be starving yourself. This is the reason many people think twice some are even afraid to set weight loss goals because the thought of being hungry frustrates them. Therefore, a lot of people prefer staying away from weight loss diets. Here are a few tips to achieving your weight loss goals without starving yourself:

  • Balance your meals- You need a balance in almost every field of life, whether it’s your professional, personal life, or your diet plan. Having a balanced diet is a key to a healthy body. If you are having a heavy lunch, then eat less during your dinner time. If you didn’t get the time to have lunch, then serve more in your dinner plate and prefer eating this dinner as early as possible before you sleep. Balancing out meals is the best way to prevent yourself from overeating.
  • Decrease the portion size- Server more, but in a small plate. This might sound weird, but the trick has shown to help with metabolism and reduce cravings. If possible, prefer serving five to seven small meals per day for an active metabolism throughout the day. Many people find difficulty in preparing these meals as they think they need to cook much to prepare meals. However, the good thing is that the meals can be repeated and you only need to prepare them once and then divide into two or three meals.
  • Fill up on proteins– Many people have complained of food craving during their dieting period. Having a protein rich diet can help you keep fuller from much more time and reduces the cravings. Prefer eating a protein-rich diet that contains whole wheat cereal, and low-fat milk, or yogurt with berries. Try to balance carbohydrates with proteins by picking more green vegetables, fruits, fish, meat and whole grains.

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  • Make a habit of adjusting ingredient in your recipe- Be more flexible about your meals and potions. While cooking, learn to adjust the ingredients appropriately. Like if you have to use olive oil, use it sparingly. Cut down on sugar, salt, and A lot of sodium can damage your body. Choose to eat whole grain food instead of refined grains such as multigrain bread instead of white bread, and replaces the brown rice with white rice. Choose substitute ingredients and make healthier alternatives.
  • Take some time for physical activities- Although diet makes up 80 %, the remaining 20% is important too for a successive weight loss management. A healthy lifestyle includes a healthy diet, and a regular exercise, at least twice a week. You should have the aim to involve some sort of physical activity for about two hours per week, and this is up to you how you will manage these two hours. You can divide the time into a manageable session of 20 minutes per day. The best time to exercise varies from one person to another. Some like to refresh out in the morning before breakfast. While others prefer doing night workout to have a good sleep, choose the time when you enjoy the most. Along with a healthy diet and regular exercise regime, you can also buy weight loss products online for weight management.
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