Warm Water is the healthy way to go!

Water is a necessity. Not only it is essential for man’s survival but offers a simple way to loose weight as well. Doctors recommend drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water a day, which is really effective in weight loss. The benefits of water are never ending. Water is the most popular drink, taking preference over soft drinks. Water helps to maintain balance of body fluids. It helps to control calories.

It has been said that drinking lots of water helps to shed those extra calories. Following a perfect diet full of proteins, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates is one way to remain fit. Regular exercise in gyms or aerobics also works. But adding hot water either in lemon, honey or green tea is an effective and easy way to reduce weight. When we are thirsty we usually drink cold water. But one must drink hot water before or after a meal as there are lots of benefits of hot or warm water.

Warm water

Warm water Warm water is very effectual for the body’s digestive system. It helps in removing all toxins from the body. It helps in breaking down of oily food in the stomach, thereby making it easier to digest. It helps in mind purification for a balanced mental state. Hydration is really essential for proper working of the body. Drinking warm water provides hydration to the body. Without hydration, even the skin looks dry and wrinkled. Having a good hydration makes biochemical and metabolic processes work effectively in the body. A glass of warm water helps in weight loss too. With warm water, body temperature increases and therefore metabolic rate also gradually increases. With the increase in metabolic rate, the body is able to burn much more calories. Also it helps in functioning of gastrointestinal tract and kidneys in a better way. A glass of warm water with lime, honey or green tea every morning can make one energised while also boosting the metabolism.

Warm water with Lime

Lemon contains citrus acid, which is good for maintaining beautiful skin. It helps to rejuvenate skin, bringing a glow and shine on the face. It works as a great remedy for weight loss. Its nutritional value is widely known. A glass of lemon juice contains less than 25 calories. It is a rich source of nutrients, calcium, potassium, vitamin C and some fibres like pectin. Lemon can be considered as an alternate for medicine because of its rich components like iron and vitamin A. Lemon is good for removal of toxins from body. It prevents abdominal problems of the intestines like constipation and diarrhoea. Lime water juice in fact proves beneficial for those suffering from heart problems. To lose weight, one should have lime juice with warm water every morning. Lime juice alone cannot help in weight reduction. Instead, it should be taken along with healthy diet and proper exercise daily.

Vitamin c is a very effective asset for those who want to reduce weight. It helps absorb calcium from the body’s fat cells which results in weight loss. We know lemons are rich in citric acid. It enters the body and starts acting like a healthy digestive aid. The acid combines with other acids and enzymes, which prmotes healthy digestion. The rich acidic content in lemon also minimises the sugar absorbtion from food we eat. The study says, those who take lime water daily lose tendency to gain weight easily. It also helps in detoxifying and increasing the body’s metabolism which is helpful in weight loss. Beside this, there are other health benefits of lime water as well:

  • Health- Lime water is very effective in increasing performance level of the digestive system. Indigestion as well as abdominal gas can also be cured with lime water. It removes all the unnecessary toxins from the body. Vitamin C in lime juice works as an antioxidant and obstructs the increase of cholesterol level in the body. With no build up of cholesterol, the cardiovascular system remains protected. It keeps blood pressure in control and prevents hypertension. A regular intake of lime water makes the immune system strong. With stronger immunity, the chances of catching diseases like sore throat, cold, flu or cough is extremely low. Problems like tooth decay, bad breath and bleeding gums can be cured by regularly taking lime water.
  • Skin care– Drinking lime water may help restore ageing of the skin. Because it contains antioxidants, lime water stops free radicals from damaging the skin cells. As a result, your skin looks much younger. With lime water, skin remains nourished and hydrated. A dehydrated skin looks wrinkled and dry with patches. It also simplifies the digestion procedure, making the skin clear and healthy. A soft and flawless look is given by lime water as it can synthesize collagen in the body.
  • Hair care– Drinking lime water makes your hair smooth, shiny and strong. It helps to reduce dandruff that automatically removes the problem of hair loss. Whitening of hair is also delayed by regular consumption of lime water.

Warm water with honey

Honey is good for weight loss. Almost all of us consume foods that are rich in sugar or calories. Having honey on its own or with warm water provides not only taste but also helps in controlling junk food addiction. Approximately 63% of calories can be reduced, if one substitutes honey in place of sweets. Honey with warm water is a good way to reduce weight as it is helpful in breaking down of food. The mixture also helps in flushing out unwanted toxins in the body. Honey is also effective in protecting our body from heart diseases. It regenerates the body, keeps your immunity system strong and aids indigestion. People who generally overeat should consume honey in one of their meals, which provides relief to stomach.

Warm water with Green tea

Everyone’s day usually starts with a cup of coffee or tea. Green tea is not only flavoured water but it is an effective beverage for weight loss as well. Americans usually prefer black tea or green tea. According to a research, 51% of Americans drink tea everyday, out of which 85% prefer black iced tea and around 14% prefer green tea. It has various antioxidants like catechins which are good for overall health. Green tea has 24-40 mg of caffeine whereas a coffee contains 100-200mg. Caffeine is a good stimulant that burns fat and improves exercise performance. EGCG Epigallocatechin gallate is a substance in green tea that increases metabolism. It has also been said that green tea can help in burning calories, even while you sleep. Beside weight loss, it also helps prevent gum diseases. The problem of arthritis and heart diseases can be cured by green tea. It helps in improving your skin, making it soft, shiny and smooth.

Final words!

An obese individual is usually looking for unhealthy ways to shed the extra kilos. However, a healthy diet followed by regular exercise may work for him. But adding hot water in either lime, honey or green tea is much more beneficial and one of the easiest ways to lose weight. The benefits of hot or warm water makes it the most consumed drink worldwide. One should make lemon water as part of their daily routine in order to enjoy lifelong benefits. So, have a healthy beverage and avoid soft drinks to live a rich life forever.

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