Choose your Health Tea

The season doesn’t matter for having a cup of tea. It can be a tasty beverage either you serve it hot or with ice. The health benefits of tea go far beyond refreshment. There is plenty of research which proves that drinking tea actually helps in improving your health. Research has found that some teas play a vital role in helping with heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Also, it lowers cholesterol, encourages weight loss, and improves mental alertness. Tea also contains some anti microbial qualities. So, try to include tea in place of coffee in your daily diet. Continue Reading

Green tea

Green tea is one of the healthiest beverages ever. Its rich antioxidants and active nutrients leave a powerful impact on the body. Not only this, the benefits of green tea are unending. It improves the functioning of the brain, reduces the risk of cancer and many diseases. With the green tea, one gets a dose of all healthy, natural ingredients present in it. Continue Reading

orange juice after high fat meals

In the hustle-bustle of business meetings, shopping trips and parties, it becomes extremely important to keep your body hydrated throughout the day. More than half of the body mass is made up of water. So, it becomes important for a man to remain hydrated. If body is hydrated, then the heart is able to pump blood through blood vessels to the muscles and also remove waste from the body. On the other hand, dehydration can lead to problems of swollen feet, headache and heat strokes. The amount of water our body needs depends on the exercise intensity and climatic conditions. Also, for certain medical problems like diabetes or heart diseases, drinking 8-10 glasses of water is extremely important. To remain hydrated, is really important for good health. Continue Reading

Warm water

Water is a necessity. Not only it is essential for man’s survival but offers a simple way to loose weight as well. Doctors recommend drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water a day, which is really effective in weight loss. The benefits of water are never ending. Water is the most popular drink, taking preference over soft drinks. Water helps to maintain balance of body fluids. It helps to control calories. Continue Reading

feel lighter One of the main aspects of a happy living is to feel lighter about oneself. If you are unhappy take a few steps toward happiness and find a lighter yourself. Here are a few tips to feel lighter from outside and within!

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