feel lighterOne of the main aspects of a happy living is to feel lighter about oneself. If you are unhappy take a few steps toward happiness and find a lighter yourself. Here are a few tips to feel lighter from outside and within!

1. Drop those jeans –

Jeans are heavy in material. Although they feel nice when worn, they make you look bulky. Opt for chinos or trousers or even jeggings to make you feel lighter and more comfortable.

2. Drink water –

Substitute your unnecessary hunger pangs with water as many times in the day, as you want. Having lots of water cleanses your body from within and makes you feel lighter.

3. Walk towards the lighter self –

Inculcate a habit in yourself to walk a little every day. Drop the rickshaw ride to the station and walk it up and see changes in yourself sooner than you expect to. Walking is a healthy habit and you should do so often.

4. Bring out those yoga mats –

Wake up every morning and do 10 Surya Namaskars. You will instantly feel its effects on your mind and your body. The stretches will make you feel more relaxed and feel lighter throughout the day. It also helps to digest food better.

5. Avoid eating heavy meals –

Having heavy lunch, dinner or snacks can affect one’s physical and mental health. Eating too much food can cause drowsiness, general feeling of heaviness and laziness. Having a balance and light diet will keep you free of any such feelings and improve your mental and physical health. Avoid oily food as much as possible.

6. Avoid sweets –

Eating too many sweets can cause one to feel heavy and bloated. Having a moderate amount of sweets in a week will help you feel lighter instantly.

7. Stop that stress –

When there is a deadline to meet and a very difficult task at hand, approach it with one step at a time. Don’t worry about having to finish it all on time. Stress is the main factor in a person’s living where they feel trapped and heavy. Detoxify your mind of ill thoughts and feel lighter instantly.

8. Tea that’s black, but its Green Tea –

Start having Green Tea. It eliminates toxins from your body effectively, leaving you with a lighter self and more energized to go through the day. Having Green Tea after lunch or dinner will help digest food better.

9. Take a break –

Take a healthy break once in a while. Taking breaks frees oneself of the tension and pressures in our lives. Be thoroughly refreshed before going back to work. This will make you feel lighter and more energized.

10. Avoid acidic foods and drinks –

Acid attack can be the reason for your discomfort throughout the day. Acidic drinks and foods create uneasiness and unnecessary tension in the stomach. Feel lighter by just avoiding these things.

11. Switch to Watermelon –

Watermelon is water based fruit. Having watermelon will cleanse your body from within. It is very light to have, is not sticky and so easily digestible.

12. Accept imperfections –

Being perfect is myth. Not everyone is perfect, accept imperfection and feel lighter instantly. It’s good to be good enough, to be perfect is craziness. Set your standards right and feel lighter.

13. Meditate –

Meditate and feel great about yourself. Whenever you are stuck in a fix or just simply don’t know what to do ahead, sit, relax and meditate. Feel lighter instantly and go about your day with a smile.

14. Find joy –

Often little things in life matter more, than the important ones. Find what makes you happy and feel light hearted and energetic. Enjoy life with your loved ones and find your happy approach to life.

15. De-clutter yourself –

Clutter in your workplace, home or mind often is the reason for frantic problems. De-clutter your work space, your room and your work. Categorize and work along happily. Light and Simple!

Losing weight in a healthy way is directly related to well being and feeling lighter. It greatly decreases the risk of many life-threatening ailments, increases vitality, and makes us feel good about ourselves. Click here to read more about weight loss.

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