Did you Pick your Glass of Green Tea this Morning?

Green tea is one of the healthiest beverages ever. Its rich antioxidants and active nutrients leave a powerful impact on the body. Not only this, the benefits of green tea are unending. It improves the functioning of the brain, reduces the risk of cancer and many diseases. With the green tea, one gets a dose of all healthy, natural ingredients present in it.

Green tea ingredients:

The ingredients of green tea are much more complex, containing about 200 bioactive compounds. The most important chemical compound is a polyphenol that contain flavonoids. Other ingredients are:

  • Catechins- As per scientists, the dried tea extract contains about 30-40% of the catechins. The main catechins include:
  1. Epicatechin
  2. Epicatechin-3-gallate
  3. Epigallocatechin
  4. Epigallocatechin-3-gallate
  • Epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) – EGCG can be found in higher concentrations in green tea. It provides many health benefits to the body.

Glass of Green Tea  

  • Other Polyphenols- The dried leaves contain 7-14% of flavonoid compounds in which two third of the flavonoids are flavonols. Polyphenols are a potent antioxidant and are anti-inflammatory too.
  • Theanine- Dried tea extract contains 4-6% of theanine i.e. an amino acid found in tea. The ingredient gives a characteristic flavor.
  • Caffeine- Caffeine is a plant alkaloid present in coffee, cocoa and tea. Green tea also contains alkaloids i.e. caffeine, theobromine and theophylline.
  • Vitamins and minerals- Several B vitamins and C vitamins are also present in Green tea. As has been less processed than black teas, the vitamins are often left intact during the tea- making process. Another ingredient of green tea includes about 6-8% of minerals like fluoride, manganese and fluoride; organic acids like gallic and quinic acids and 10-15% of carbs and a little amount of volatiles.

All the ingredients constituted in green tea provide numerous health benefits to the body from fighting cancer to reduced chances of stroke. Whereas one of the most significant benefits, one can get from it is weight loss.

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Health Benefits of Green Tea:

The benefits of green tea are amazing. Drinking green tea not only ensure safety from harmful diseases, but also may help one to shed extra pounds.

  • Heart disease- Green tea reduces the formation of clots that can cause heart attacks.
  • Esophageal cancer- It also reduces the chances of developing esophageal cancer by killing cancerous cells.
  • Gum health- Green tea aims to improve the tooth and gum problems. Its anti-inflammatory properties also lower the risk of getting any periodontal disease.
  • Depression- The ingredient theanine found in green tea provides relaxation and tranquil effect to the mind and body that can alleviate the depression problem.
  • Anti-viral and Anti-bacterial- As per studies, the catechins ingredient, has antibacterial and antiviral properties that can treat influenza and cancer.
  • Skincare- Drinking green tea prevents wrinkles and early signs of ageing due to its rich antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Weight loss- Green tea enhances metabolism of the body. The polyphenol present in it intensifies the level of fat oxidation and the rate during which food is turned into calories.

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Green tea for weight loss:

Those people who wish to lose weight can now opt green tea for weight loss. Regular exercise plus diet control plus green tea is a perfect choice to look good and slim. You might be wondering how taking green tea once can reduce weight? But this is not so, you need to follow these essential tips carefully as given below:

  • Start early morning green tea to enjoy the benefits the tea offers. The caffeine ingredient present in it gives a boost to start off the day and improves metabolism so that the body burn more calories the whole day. 
  • Not one cup of green tea is enough to lose weight, you can take it more often or many times a day. Remember, it contains a diuretic as well, so you might feel like going restroom too often.
  • Do not skip consuming green tea in between breaks or holidays, as the more you become used to it the more benefits body will get in absorbing less fat.
  • If you learn the ways to lose weight with green tea, then automatically the doors for other good habits open as well. Green tea is one of the best appetite suppressants that diminishes the need for other snacks and food.

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No doubt green tea is the healthiest beverage and better than other teas. But it’s totally your call how you prepare and take it. Skipping the routine in between will not provide that useful result. So make sure that once you start a green tea diet along with exercise you don’t be lazy and follow it on a regular basis to enjoy the long term benefits.

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