Bad Health Signs If You’re Eating Too Much Sugar

No one can deny the delicious taste of sugar but at the same time, its excessive intake is also not good for health. Sugar consumption beyond a limit could also raise blood sugar levels and you may experience some symptoms of diabetes. Similarly, there are some health signs that indicate you have high sugar cravings.

Sugar is not always sweet for health:

The limited intake of sweet food does disturb the diabetes medication. On the other hand, the health experts have found that high intake of dietary sugar may lead some health problems, making a severe impact on your body. Once you learn the way how sugar affects your health, you may change your cravings for sweet despite knowing how tasty it is. Therefore, it’s important to learn how much sugar is too much and to know your limit.

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Avoid sugar addiction:

Having sweet tooth is not always harmful but a craving for sugar is a sort of addiction. It encourages dopaminergic, cholinergic and opioid effects that have a psychological impact. It’s also found that sugar can stimulate the production of dopamine which is a pleasure hormone. Our body can tolerate sugar up an extent but its addiction can affect the production of insulin in the body, raising the risks of type-2 diabetes, bad immune system, and other conditions. More cravings than usual consumption of sugar become a vicious and addictive cycle.

High blood sugar can affect your immune system and damage to your nerves, blood vessels, and organs. By taking a high sugar diet, you allow a hormonal response to become like a wave. This condition triggers more sugar cravings.

Some possible health conditions somehow get worse with the high intake of dietary sugar.

Fatigue or sluggish feeling all the time:

The energy in your body is more stable with the stability of blood sugar levels. The excessive consumption of sugar causes the initial spike of insulin and after that an inevitable reduction in the surge. So, when you are consuming too much sugar, the frequent fluctuations in the blood sugar levels cause highs and lows of energy, making your body sluggish.

Experiencing skin issues:

A spike in insulin from sugar intake can cause wreak havoc on the skin mainly due to hormonal disorder. Your skin is a reflection of the inside condition of your body. Experts say that some people are sensitive to getting a surge in insulin from sugar intake, which can cause hormonal disorder, leading to a breakout of acne or other skin problems. Experiencing perky skin issues is very usual in the people having high sugar cravings.

Sugar intake encourages weight gain:

Sugar intake means you are supplying more calories but no protein or fiber to your body. High dietary sugar also affects the production of insulin, which plays a crucial role in weight gain. More sugar intake requires a higher amount of insulin to carry it to the organs for converting sugar into the energy. When you take the high amount of sugar, a condition of insulin resistance arises in which the body is unable to deal with the sugar in the right way. Therefore, the supply of too many calories leads to weight gain and bad immune system as well. If you are gaining extra weight then keep a control on sugar intake to support diabetes care and obesity treatment.

High sugar intake causes metabolic dysfunction:

The intake of too much sugar could disturb metabolic functions in the body. Such a metabolic dysfunction causes numerous health problems including abdominal obesity, blood sugar, decreased HDL and increased LDL, elevated triglycerides, weak immunity, stroke, high blood pressure etc.

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The possibility of a psychological condition:

You would have seen the mood swings in the people suffering from type 1 or type 2 diabetes. It’s quite likely that high sugar intake makes you moody and leaves you feeling crabby. Sugar craving probably infuses bad attitude and a feeling of irritation. You have to treat type 2 diabetes and curb on sugar intake to avoid such a bad feeling.

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