Best Tips to Eliminate Digital Eyestrain

Smart phones, laptops, personal computers and tablets have made our life more digital today. With many of us spending hours in front of the screen, it seems impossible to ignore the ill effects of the digital eyestrains. This blog combines some of the best tips for you to relieve eye strain naturally.

digital eyestrain
Digital Eye strain is a common problem nowadays. Headaches, nausea, irritation, itching, redness and loss of focus are some of the common symptoms related to the digital eye strain. Due to it approximately 50%-75% of the people who work in front of screen suffer from the previously mentioned symptoms. The bright light of computer screen is the major reason for the eye fatigue. However, the good news is that there are certain ways with which you can control the condition up to a manageable condition, including:

1. Take a break:
It is very necessary to take frequent breaks while working on the computer on any other kind of screen so as to avoid neck, back and shoulder pain. These are called ‘mini breaks’ and must be included so as to increase you overall productivity as well to keep yourself away from the health hazards. It is the easiest way to avoid eyestrain naturally. While taking the break, you can stretch your legs, back, and neck, this will help you relieve the tension created due to continuous sitting in front of the screen.

2. Adjust your screen’s display settings:
It is one of the simplest and most logical methods to avoid digital eyestrain while working on the screen for very long hours. Do the following adjustment to enjoy strain free screen time:

• Adjust the brightness of the screen according to the brightness of the surrounding. It should not be too dark or too bright.
• The text font, size, and colour should also be adjusted according to comfort. Usually, a black text against a white background is considered to be the most comfortable combination for the eyes.
• Adjust the color temperature of the display to something of longer wavelength hues like red and orange instead of blue light that has got the highest colour temperature.

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3. Blink your eyes frequently:
A study shows that those who work in front of the screen for long hours do not very often. Rather they blink only one-third times they would normally blink. Out of the few blinks, many of the blinks were the just partial closure of eyes.
As a result of this, the moisture of the eyes evaporated more easily, and the eyes dry up more frequently due to long non-blinking phases. To retain the moisture of the eyes, one should try to blink more frequently.

4. Consider wearing computer glasses:
Computer glasses are of great help for those who are already wearing glasses or lenses. Even people with normal eyesight can also wear customized screen glasses so as to protect the eyes and avoid the extra strain on eyes. It is one of the best ways to avoid unwanted eyestrain and minimize the pressure on eyes.

5. Exercise your eyes:
Another way to relieve eyestrain is to avoid fatigue to eyes. For this, you can follow simple eye exercises to retain the focus of the eyes.

• Follow the 20-20 rule, in which you have to look away from the screen for 20 seconds after every 20 minutes. This rule will bound you and will make you remember to look away from the screen for some time.
• Another exercise is to look at a distant object for 20 seconds, and then gaze at something very close to 15 seconds and then look back again to the distant object. It is a very good exercise for eyes.

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6. Include vitamins and minerals
The last tip for getting relief for eye strain naturally due to digital work is to have a rich and healthy diet full of nutrients necessary for eyes. Include various vitamins and minerals. It is very necessary to include various antioxidants and ingredients; that is good for eye health. The vitamins good for eyes are vitamin A, C and e and vitamin complex. Zinc is the beneficial mineral for eyes hence food items such as eggs rich in zinc B should be included in the diet also.

Eyes are an important part of our body, and it is our duty to take care of the health of our eyes. Excessive digital eyestrain can cause permanent damage to the eyes, hence to avoid any eye pressure problems while spending long hours in front of screen follow the tips given above to relieve the starin naturally.

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