Curly Hair Hacks That Will Completely Change Your Life

If you have curly waves on your head, you know it requires extra care, and it is easier to care for the curly locks that you would think. The easiest way to style your curly locks is to set them just after hair wash and use hair care products that are specially meant for curly locks.

If you are someone who has been blessed with curly strands, they have probably experienced rough texture, frizz, damage, and even a loss of curl over time.  Shout out to all the curly-haired girls, this is your time, say no to these annoyances. Here are some curly hair hacks that give you the perfectly defined curls you have always wanted and will completely change your life. The first thing you can do to care your bounce is to love and treat them with the ultimate respect. There are many things from how much you walk in a hot day to how you slept, plays a role in making a terrible hair day. Here are some expert rules for curly hair to style and hair care products used in between to get those best wavy and shiny curls.

  1. Handle your curls with care

The only trick is to accept them and work with your delicate tresses without fighting them. The type of hair care product is important says hair care experts. This is especially true when it comes to achieving a natural-looking curl. It is just that, one needs to put bit more of an effort to maintain beautiful curly strands. One of the reason is that they are different every time you set them and humidity plays a crucial role, what shampoo you have used, or other hair care products you put in and for how long you keep them in.

  1. Keep curly waves soft

The goal of using texturizing wax and beach sprays is to achieve naturally shiny waves. You can layer on cream texture and wax to get movement in the wave. Avoid styling your hair with mousse, instead, go with a lotion or cream. A cream locks moisture in your waves better than a spray. Experts recommend leaving a bit of conditioner in the hair and not to rinse it out completely. This helps to retain moisture once you towel dries your hair.

  1. Use curl friendly hair care products

Use products such as shampoo and conditioners that are specifically designed for curly hair. These hair care products work depending on the weight and thickness of the curls. You can go with a volumizing shampoo followed by a conditioner containing the goodness of cocoa butter or shea butter because they are extremely effective when it comes to maintaining curly locks. Buy a good quality shampoo to moisturize and add shine to your thick and coarse strands. Also, look for the hair products that revive elasticity as your thick curly waves need elasticity to bounce.

  1. Humidity is good

Yes, you have read it right! Humidity is good for women with curly hair. According to hair experts, the more humidity it is, the better will be for your curled waves. Whenever you wish to use your hair care product, make sure your bathroom is steamy where you are going to take a shower. This will help the curls bounce up again. You can also look for humectant products as they help retain elasticity in your curls. But it is important to be careful while using such hair care products that make frizzy hair curly because they provide too much moisture as well. So, it is tough to get the right balance. Humidity can help, but experts say it is best to use fewer products when it’s humid.

  1. Avoid washing too much

If you are someone with curly locks, then you should develop a hair washing schedule. Wash it on one day and the next day just wet them and apply a little conditioner. You can repeat the trick on third-day hair before you finally wash on day four.   A conditioner is enough to get rid of all the dust, and it also strengthens the hair.

These curly hair tricks will surely help to give you the perfectly defined curls you have always wanted.  Use hair care products containing humectants to reduce moisture loss. Buy products that carry natural emollients like shea butter to draw moisture into the hair.

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