Effect and Side Effects of Birth Control Pill

Importance of Birth Control Pills

If you want to prevent pregnancy, it is important to take your birth control pill every day. Like all other medications, birth control pills can have side effects along with the benefits. However, it mostly goes away after a few months. Many women use the pill with no problems at all. Keep tracking the negative effects of the birth control pill and discuss with your gynaecologist.

Nowadays, people are more reluctant to have a single child rather than to have many. And to control that birth process, they either use condoms or birth control pills (contraceptives or oral contraceptives).

Birth control pills (Contraceptive or oral contraceptives) are the save guards for those who either not willing to get a child or to have safe sex. The birth control pills are also known as the Pill is a hormone-based method of preventing pregnancy. Using the pill means no eggs are produced, and there is no chance of pregnancy.

When taken correctly, meaning no missed periods, it is extremely beneficial in preventing pregnancy with 99% effectiveness. It mostly fails to work when women do forget doses.

Birth control pill has effect and side effect; let’s discuss the effect of the birth control pill first.

Apart from preventing pregnancy, birth control pills have many other advantages also, which includes menstrual cramps, lighten periods, lower risk of ectopic pregnancy with the combination of both, i.e.  Synthetic estragon and progestin.

The combination of estrogen and progesterone birth control pill safeguard or reduce:

    1. Bone thinning
    2. Endometrial and ovarian cancer
    3. Acne
    4. Cysts in your breast and ovaries
    5. Iron deficiency

Every medication, including birth control pills, has a side effect. But most of them don’t last for more than 2 -3 months. The minor side effects of birth control pills which include nausea, breast tenderness, weight gain, headache and migraine, intermenstrual spotting, mood change, missed periods, vaginal discharge. In a study, it is shown that the birth control pill can also have a long-term effect like:

    • Cancer risk: Female hormones that occur naturally, i.e. estragon has a chance of women developing some cancer.  These include cancer of the ovaries or breast.
    • Cardiovascular attacks: Effect of birth control pills are seen on the heart. Also, anyone who has uncontrollable high blood pressure or has a genetic issue can experience a heart attack, stroke.

Birth control pills are the life-saving drugs for women, but it is also important to keep proper record and to take birth control pill regularly. Birth control pill can help you prevent pregnancy, but it will not help from sexual infection. Those who are sexually active should always go for other means of protection such as condom which can certainly protect one from sexually transmitted diseases. There is a warning for actively smoking females that taking the birth control pill can put their life on risk; a combination of progestin and estrogen can cause serious heart associated side effect. Women ages 35 years and above should not take the pill without asking their health care specialist as it can increase the risk of stroke and other heart diseases.

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