Saheli Tablets- The Reliable Saheli (a friend) Of All Women:

From devices-implants to male and female condoms, several contraceptive methods have been adopted through ages. But the safest is the use of pills which interfere with the biological process involved in the pregnancy. Saheli was considered as the first oral contraceptive that helped millions of women’s personal decisions about having a baby or nor. The pill tends to inhibit ovulation or the release fo the egg in females. It also makes it difficult for the male sperm to meet the egg for fertilization. Saheli tablets have the active ingredient Ormeloxifene, which is primarily used as a contraceptive, but it may also be effective against other health complications such as uterine bleeding, advanced breast cancer. It is a weekly oral contraceptive. The weekly dosing regimen makes it easy for the women who find it challenging to adhere to the daily dosing. Its regular intake may also lead to vomit, nausea, bleed between periods. The steroidal contraceptive may cause more unpleasant complications in some women.

Saheli- A Reliable Option

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Contraceptives are nothing but Birth control Pills. These Birth control pills interfere with the process fo ovulation, which involves releasing the eggs in women. This way, these pills help women to avoid pregnancy.

Saheli tablets have been available as a birth control pill since the early 1990s. It offers estrogenic properties that prevent pregnancy. Saheli is indeed a true friend of women. It comes to the rescue of hundreds or thousands of couples. In most cases, it helps to avoid pregnancy without any side effects. The contraceptive pills comprise a non-steroidal ingredient called Ormeloxifene, biochemically named centchroman. The pill is unique due to its composition and mechanism fo action it exerts to prevent pregnancy. It is convenient to take, if you are looking for the correct dose fo Saheli, please consult your doctor. According to the research reports, the contraceptive pill has dual properties of being mild estrogenic and a potent anti-estrogenic agent. The unique blend inhibits the fertilization without interfering with the hormonal balance. It is also referred toa s an anti-implantation agent that is clinically tested and well-tolerated for use.

Ormeloxifene is an Estrogen Receptor and can be called as a nonsteroidal oral contraceptive. These non-steroidal estrogen receptors are used in the form of oral Birth control pills. Saheli doesn’t contain hormones like other pills and has fewer side effects compared to other pills. As per research studies, millions of fo women around the world used this wonder pill, and it has been shown that this drug is quite safe. The contraceptive effects of Ormeloxifene mare reversible and women can conceive after stopping the medication.

Besides an effective contraceptive treatment, Saheli works effectively against dysfunctional uterine bleeding. Top of all, the pills has a unique property of being effective against a specific type of breast cancer.

Side Effects of Saheli Pill

The consumption of Saheli pill shows some side effects, which may slightly lead to health issues like heart stroke, blood clots etc. sometimes it may cause liver damage in the form of liver tumours.

The common side effects seen in the contraceptive pills are mood changes, stomach upset, swelling in the breast, gradual weight gain, spotting between periods is nothing but breakthrough bleeding in menstrual time, and hair loss issues. Vomit feeling and nausea have also been reported in women who consume the contraceptive pills.

Saheli is one of the most effective contraceptive pills available in the market today. You can consult your physician to understand all the benefits of this medicine before you start taking it.

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