Fight the Consequences of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction affects around 1 in 10 men all over the world. It is one of the major causes of relationship problems. Both the partners often experience a range of intense feelings and emotions. This can cause a sense of hopelessness and lower self-esteem. Feelings of sexual insecurity can cause performance anxiety man experiences and create a vicious cycle of events that cause anxiety.

The erection problem occurs when a man has trouble getting and keeping an erection enough for a satisfactory sexual intercourse. Almost all men will experience erectile dysfunction at some point in their lives. Fortunately, the erectile dysfunction treatment is possible with erectile dysfunction drugs and one can take several steps to get rid of the problem and make sure that it won’t happen again.

Fight the Consequences of Erectile Dysfunction

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The cause of Erectile dysfunction is purely physical but has a psychological impact on most men.

A man suffering from erectile dysfunction may often experience:

  • A sense of insecurity
  • Feeling a loss of manhood
  • Lack of confidence and low self-esteem
  • Feeling ashamed
  • Feeling guilty about their dysfunction
  • Angry and aggressive
  • Scared of involving in sex with a partner
  • Feeling sad for loss of erection
  • Worry about not being able to satisfy his partner
  • Afraid of approaching a new sexual partner

The erectile dysfunction can have a great impact on a man and his partner’s life. Sometimes it can also affect the life of other people around the sufferer.

Common psychological consequences

Performance anxiety– Performance anxiety is very common in men those who are suffering from erectile dysfunction. First of all, a man experiences anxiety when it gets to know he is not able to get and maintain a penile erection to satisfy his partner. It develops when an occasional episode of erectile failure becomes an expected outcome of each following intimate session. Once a man experience erection problem even for the first time, a vicious cycle may become established whenever a man thinks of involving in sexual activity.

Unrealistic expectations– There are men and their partners those have unrealistic expectations and expect a sexual fantasy type of events in their room. This expectation, in turn, exacerbates the condition since men tend to compare their sexual performance with these expectations which give rise to a feeling of disappointment and insufficiency.

Erectile dysfunction is a sexual problem of men that requires support and understanding from a partner as well as people around you who can convince you that it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Never feel embarrassed- Being a man, it is tough to hold a lot of responsibilities. A man needs to take care of his partner and all her emotional, physical aspects along with the financial one. You must accept the fact that you will not always feel enthusiastic to penetrate your penis in her vagina. Except for the truth and indulge your mind in other activities that help take your attention from this trouble, and you will have sex again with the same strength once your mind is clear and sex drive is high again.

Don’t fight yourself- Avoid feeling bad about the situation. Everyone must know the fact that one can only move to success after acknowledging failure. So don’t feel bad about it as human life is full of troubles, but along with troubles, there is always a hope of moving away from troubles towards joy and prosperity.

Try to keep your sex life private-  Avoid discussing sexual problems with everyone except your partner as she is the only one who can make you feel comfortable about it instead of making fun of it.  Try to involve in other activities with your partner. Also, involve her in your work a little bit or do something which she likes. Do not worry about the size of your penis or thinking about penile erection to please her. Your main target is to hold off the sex drive that comes so that you can go longer and satisfy her. You will get an erection when your confidence rises.

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If your condition becomes serious, consult a gynecologist and start taking erectile dysfunction medication according to your condition. Erectile dysfunction cure is possible with pharmaceutical drugs that are available specifically to treat erectile dysfunction.

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