How to Use Accu Chek Active Blood Glucose Monitoring System

Testing blood glucose is an essential part of a diabetes management plan. Availability of blood glucose testing techniques like the Accu Chek Active glucose meter can help make the entire process quick and hassle-free and give accurate results following a few simple steps. Understanding diabetes mellitus is the first step towards gaining control over blood sugar level and overall health. Let’s have a look on what causes diabetes, some of its common symptoms, the benefits of following a healthy lifestyle, and what precautions you need to take if you just have been diagnosed with the metabolic disorder. So, what is diabetes? Diabetes is a disease that causes higher than normal blood sugar levels. The condition occurs when your body cannot make or effective use of insulin hormone that is made in pancreases. Insulin assists the process in your body where your body uses sugar (you get from food) for energy. The symptoms of both type 1 and type 2 diabetes are similar. They include excessive thirst, dry mouth, frequent urination, blurred vision, lack of energy, slow healing of wounds recurrent infections in the skin, and tiredness. Readings may vary if you take heart or blood pressure medicines.

How to Manage Diabetes?

You can manage your diabetes and live a healthy life by taking a few precautionary measures each day. Diabetes is a chronic disease that has a great impact on almost every part of the body. Therefore, it is crucial to managing your blood glucose levels. Managing blood sugar can help prevent a range of health problems that occur when you have diabetes. Working toward your diabetes management goal can help lower chances of having a heart attack, stroke and other diabetes-associated complications. With the help of your healthcare professional, you can create a diabetes management plan. This self-care management plan can help you deal with this metabolic disorder and help you maintain blood sugar levels for the long term.

Why testing Blood Sugar is important?

The results of your blood sugar tests give you an idea about how food, physical activity, or other factors are affecting your blood glucose. Checking regularly will help you see high and lows, and this way, you can accordingly make changes to your daily routine that improve your overall health. Whether you check your blood glucose level once a day, once a week, or four times a day, the Accu check glucose meter makes testing easy and mess-free, which inspires you to test more often. It helps you make the right decisions about food and exercise. Testing helps you deal with the day to day demands of living with diabetes, make you feel better each day, and lower your risk of future diabetes complications.

How to Test?

Wash and dry your hands before testing blood sugar. Use your clean fingertip to get a good blood sample. If a needle causes you to feel anxious or nauseous, you are not alone. Unfortunately, this phobia can interfere with your health and affect your blood sugar. The Accu check glucose meter is the quickest and least painful way to lance your finger. However, the Accu Chek Active strips are easy to handle; you need to take some precautions with them to get the most accurate results. Please keep it in the original container at the room temperature. Keep the container sealed to keep humidity from affecting them. The test strip can expire as well, so keep on checking the container label that will list the expiration date. For the most accurate testing, people should keep a record of the food they eat and other lifestyle habits. The glucose meter comes with automatic coding to avoid the need to code in results with every test. Whether your results are too high or too low, you will feel just fine. Compare your readings to previous ones. Make a note, if you were ill, consume alcohol, or underwent stressful events or anything that can affect your blood sugar. The Accu check active is a simple diabetes management tool that can help you understand your blood sugar test results. The standard time to test blood sugar level includes before breakfast, before lunch, two hours after a meal, before and after exercise, before bed, or when you don’t feel well. Other events when you require testing include a change in routine while travelling, adjusting to medication or insulin, after diagnosing pregnancy, after surgical procedure, or any illness.


Regular monitoring with the Accu chek active technique is a particular way to manage your diabetes and help you gain control over high blood sugar, so it is important to know how to use the diabetes testing tool properly. Making healthier choices is one of the most important ways to control your blood sugar. Take your blood pressure medicines or other prescribed drugs on time. Counting carbohydrates, easting healthy fats, getting enough protein and fibre is a key to a healthy diabetes diet. Also, do not forget factors like drinking and smoking when managing your blood sugar.

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