Joint pain treatment to help you move well

Our bones are connected with joints that bear a lot of stress in order to allow us to move. This process brings some sorts of joint pain over a time. Joint pain treatment is nothing but a method to strengthen its capacity and endure its life.

joint pain treatment

Can you imagine how our body would have functioned if we had not provided the natural joints? We would have been straight and static all the time, how funny! Such is the importance of joints that help us to move, walk, grip and sit and what not. But like any other parts of the body, our joints develop and decay too. Sometimes, the joints wear and tear earlier than their natural life, resulting joint pain (also called Arthralgia). People take joint pain relief to mitigate this pain.

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Joint pain is a reality:

A chronic arthritis pain is a very common condition that is generally found in the people after their 30s and 40s. You can say joint pain treatment is searched by the majority of people in their old ages. At present, there are more than 50 million Americans suffering from mild to severe joint pain. India and many other developing countries too have high number of arthritis patients.

Types of joint pain:

Knee pain is the most pertinent problem, followed by hip pain, shoulder pain and ankle pain. Any part of your body can develop joint pain and as you get older, these joint pains become increasingly more common and enduring.

Causes of joint pains:

There are different causes of joint pain, of which age is the biggest factor. Inflammation of the tissues in the joint (psoriatic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis), presence of uric acid, and depletion of cartilage and natural lubricating fluid are commonly seen in osteoarthritis.
The other factors include bone disease, injury, trauma, strain, osteoporosis, lack of time for proper joint pain relief, tendonitis etc. The intensity of joint pain differs from person to person; some people witness it for a short time and some have it like persistent nemesis.

Joint pain treatment:

Joint pain can be diagnosed through natural means and medications. Natural or home treatment is very effective as they reduce joint pain gradually without rendering any side effects. Here are some joint pain treatment methods that are commonly prescribed:

Physical exercise:
In most cases, joint pain can be relieved by simple workout as it can increase the strength of your joints. Since very hard exercise could further bruise the joint pain, you should take proper training to move your body within the limits. Morning walk, swimming, cycling and yoga are the most preferred practices to power joints.

Take the help of massage to get long-lasting joint pain relief. Massage with natural oil can heal the pain in your hips and knees. You can massage on your own or take the help of a professional; there are various natural oils like avocado and soybean oils and herb gels that you can rub at the affected area to reduce pain. Add capsaicin cream too as it can cure osteoarthritis pain.

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Weight loss:
The extra body weight puts extra pressure on joints so that they wear and tear faster than natural pace. Losing weight is one of the effective joint pain treatments that ease pressure on your knees and ankles. Many experts believe that losing some 10-20 pounds can remove the symptoms related to join and bone problem.

Acupuncture therapy is widely recommended to relieve joint pain. There are many studies proving the effectiveness of acupuncture in many cases of osteoarthritis. The effects of this therapy remain for a long time. Some experts recommend electro-acupuncture, in which needles are used to pass an electric charge for curing joint pain.

Ice therapy (cryotherapy):
The inflammation of tissues in joints can be reduced by lowering the temperature, and ice therapy is useful in this regard. This practice helps very much at the initial stage of joint pain. Apply ice therapy for 10-12 times when you feel pain in the joints for the first time, and then gradually reduce its frequency. This process proves to be a good joint pain treatment. Wrap ice in a towel and then apply it on the affected area.

Don’t undermine the importance of medicines that prove to be a great joint pain reliever. There are many over-the-counter non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs that effectively eliminate swelling and stiffness in the joints. Moreover, you can use some muscle relaxants for mitigating the severity of muscle spasms.

Body rest:
Take full rest and let your joints relax to restore energy and repair the damage itself. Rest is a natural joint pain relief and we desperately need it to get rid of long and exhausting movements. We should not allow bone friction to inflame the tissues too much and take rest to control the risks of potential joint pain.

The health of our joints is very crucial for the overall body function and you cannot move well if your joints get jammed and swelled in pain. Take of help of appropriate joint pain treatment to take care of it. You need not to be immobilized to relax your joints, but take some precautions that minimize the friction and enhance the strength of joints.

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