Reasons For Acne In Men

Men often get acne. Some males are never able to overcome their teenage acne. Although acne in males is not the only skin problem they are dealing with, it is the most common one. Acne is one of the most frustrating problems in males as well as females.

acne in men Acne can turn into a big problem if it doesn’t leave the skin for a long time and even if it goes, it leaves scars that usually remains on the face for very long. Although acne usually hits the face, however in men acne can attack the neck area, the shoulder, and the back.

What is acne?

In scientific terms acne is known as acne vulgaris. It is caused by a bacterial growth on the open skin pores. Thankfully, there are many products and medicines in the market to cure acne outbreaks. It is an interesting fact that acne is so common in males that even 25%-40% of men have acne. Acne is a single term used to the conditions that arise as a result of overproduction of oil. The various types of outbreaks are:

1. Pimples 2. Whiteheads 3. Blackheads 4. Nodules 5. Cysts, etc.

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What causes acne in men:

All the males out there might wonder, that acne should be a female dominant disease as they the ones who undergo hormonal imbalances every month and use loads of chemicals on their face. Males feel they are wrongly punished with acne outburst. But the actual yet bitter truth is that acne is not a gender biased problem and it is as prevalent in males as it is in females. Here are the reasons why males get acne:

1. Blame your hats and helmets guys If you have noticed more acne on your forehead and sidelines of the face, then you should surely watch you hats and helmets. These two might be causing havoc to your sensitive skin as that copper helmet, and the cloth might be a brooding ground for the bacteria. Irritation due to helmet is one of the major cause of acne in men The best ways are to wipe your headgear with alcohol after each use. In this way, you will not sacrifice your safety and security too.

2. Frequent touching of face: Some people have a tendency to touch their faces frequently. This tendency causes the transfer of germs from the objects your hands comes in contact with, to your face. The germs are easily carried from desks, computer pads to the face. The best way to avoid is to think of the dirt and germs and motivate yourself to avoid touching yourself.

3. Dairy diet: Research shows that those young men or even adult males who consume more than two to three glasses of milk a day are more prone to acne as compared to those who don’t. Indigestion of milk causes the overproduction of sebum that clogs the pore of the face and cause acne in males. So, if the cause of acne in men is the dairy product consumed by them, then they should opt for other alternatives like almond or soy milk.

4. Blame your shaving or grooming tools: No matter how useful these grooming devices may seem to you but if they are causing acne and blemishes on your face, then something is wrong. Dirty razor and the wrong method of shaving might cause a problem to you skin. So, to avoid the acne outburst, rub alcohol over your razor after each use and shave the face hairs in the same direction.

5. Sweating during workout: Although exercise is good for the overall fitness and health of the body, the sweat produced can make acne worse, especially on chest and back. It doesn’t mean that you should stop the workout. Instead, you should take a shower as soon as possible after a workout. As moisture and friction can worsen the condition, hence you should also try to use those clothing for gym workouts that are airy and allows your skin to breathe.

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Conclusion: Acne in males is a common frustrating problem. While it might not be dangerous but they are surely distressing. Hence, one should opt for good hygiene habits and use anti-acne medication to treat acne.

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