Alcohol Memories Memorial day is here and so is summer. People living in areas with four seasons must be finally coming out of hibernation. Soon, it will be the time to experience small tastes of the sun, heat and outdoor activities and even cherish the memories of past drinking. Most people get cravings for alcohol, and these may come in varying forms. It has been observed that sober individuals think of these cravings as a feeling or physiological sensation. However, the most dangerous cravings are the subtle ones that hide in memories of the past, ones associated with social success or those that have a romantic story attached to them. People with alcoholic minds tend to hold on to their good old days and try to relive happy memories, and even try to forget the negative ones. Even though their thoughts are very subtle, their conversations may include past events, good times, vacations, parties, smelling a certain beverage, seeing pictures or any such random things.

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