Eyes are the most prized physical feature of the human body. Women around the world, use different products like mascara, eyeliners to enhance, the look of their eyes. Besides being a beauty enhancer, eyelashes provide protection against sweat, dust and other foreign particles entering in the eyes. Continue Reading

Careprost Advantages

Who doesn’t want longer eyelashes? Almost everyone loves having long lashes which is a universal symbol of beauty and that too, when one can get them naturally without using the toxic glues used for the fake eyelashes. Careprost is a full proof way to get some boost and volume. Yes, it is the best way to enhance the look of your eyes. Continue Reading

Healthy Eyes

People often wonder how to get healthy eyes. Is it through good nutrition? Is it via regular eye checkups or with a healthy lifestyle? Maintaining good eye health requires a combination of all these factors. Here are some tips for healthy eyes.
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Perfect Vision

Most people add certain types of foods in their diet to enhance certain parts of the body like the hair, nails, and so on. However, they forget to give importance to the most important sensory organ- the eyes. Carrots are known to help improve vision. In reality, there are numerous other types of foods that can maintain the healthiest eyes. Let’s look at a few of them that can help in vision care. Continue Reading

Eyecare Mistakes


Eyes give us picture-perfect snapshots of the world, and it is only fair we treat them with care. Dark circles, puffiness, redness, itchiness, wrinkles are eye woes you definitely wouldn’t want to suffer from. Yes, the advent of the digital age has created a robot generation, wherein eyes are constantly glued to glitzy smartphones and reality TV shows. Let’s look at the the biggest bloomers you commit when it comes to taking care of those gorgeous baby blues or dazzling hazels: Continue Reading

Beautiful Eyelashes


Long eyelashes are considered as a sign of beauty in many cultures and women in fact, try to enhance their beauty artificially using eyelash extensions. Eyelashes function to protect eyes from debris and the growth of lashes may be heredity, but nowadays lots of treatments are available. Continue Reading