smoking cause hair fall

Everyone knows that smoking is injurious to health, smoking causes a load of health issues, including bad teeth, yellowing of nails, and a host of other physical complications. Smoking is the reason for a lot of health problems, but can it contribute to hair fall? Usually the answer is yes! Smoking can contribute to hair loss, but it is not one of the major causes.

It is important to understand how harmful impact the tobacco leaves on your skin and body. The chemicals and tobacco present in the cigarette contribute to premature greying and hair loss. Your heart and lungs surely undergo a weird force when you use inhale tobacco smoke down from your throat. Smoking doesn’t how much you pursue an elaborate skincare routine, or you are following a healthy lifestyle every day, your smoking habit can ruin it all.

Let’s understand here how smoking habit can cause a hair fall?

According to a number of scientific studies, it has proved that smoke is a major cause of hair fall in several surprising ways. Especially a chain-smoking accelerate hair loss and premature graying. The toxins present in smoke can harm hair follicles and damage hormones which in turns can affect the hair health.

Cigarette can contribute to thinning of hair and even hair loss in the following ways:

  1. The Toxins in smoke cause damage to DNA of the hair follicles.
  2. Smoke pollutes the blood which can take a toll on your blood circulation, shrink blood vessels and prevent blood flow to the extremities of your body, including the scalp. When your hair follicles do not receive enough blood, the hair growth cycle is interrupted. This interruption may lead to noticeable hair loss.
  3. The toxins in smoke can cause hormonal imbalance, which is essential for regulating hair growth cycle.
  4. Cigarette smoke can damage your immune system, which can contribute to hair fall. A weakened immune system may make you prone to fungal and bacterial infections of the scalp, preventing hair follicles from producing healthy hair.
  5. It is not just inhaling toxins in cigarette smoke that can damage hair follicles. If you smoke on a regular basis in your house, or car, you could be polluting your place. Polluted air can worsen genetic hair loss.

One can experience a wide range of physical and mental benefits of quitting smoking. Hair fall can also be reversed by simply giving up cigarettes.

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Diabetes Affects Hair Growth

People with diabetes are often warned of the side effects of diabetes that could potentially have on your vision, fingers, and toes, but what about your hair? Yes, diabetes and hair loss, unfortunately, go hand in hand. Diabetes occurs when your body stops making insulin hormone, which moves the sugar from the food; flows to bloodstream into your cells to be stored and used as energy.  Diabetes can be one of your causes of hair loss.

For those who are unaware of diabetes symptoms, thinning of hair is the initial symptom. It is a reaction to the metabolic and hormonal stress your body undergoes as soon as pancreas stop producing insulin.

Insulin treatment also plays an important role in hair loss or thinning of hair. Since stress level increases, it slows down or even stop the growth of hair. Initial thinning of hair is visible when new hair grew or replace the dead hair. Once your body balances the insulin, it automatically normalized the hair and its growth.

Diabetes slows down the recovery of a patient with respect to the skin if there is an infection or wound due to diabetes, it takes a lot of time to heal. If the skin of scalp has any such effect it will definitely affect the hair growth.

Is hair loss from diabetes revocable?

To some extent yes, it is. This is only possible if the patient takes care of a few things, like manage the blood sugar level, avoid stress, taking proper medication, etc.

To understand this further let’s check a few things:

  1. A healthy diet can do wonders in our life. To stop or slow down the hair loss, one must take a healthy diet full of fruits and green vegetables which can help in controlling the blood sugar level.
  2. Hair oil keeps the scalp moist. Try using emu oil as hair treatment as it can heal and rejuvenate the scalp effectively. Emu oil is a super conditioner; it’s believed to stimulate follicles and encourage hair growth.
  3. Avoid using heavy chemicals or harsh shampoos. Too gentle to the hair and use mild or natural shampoo.
  4. Let hair dry naturally, avoid using a dryer, straightened, perms, and roller hair.
  5. If there is too much hair loss and it is visible; one can use a wig to cover the baldness. And can easily be removed.
  6. One can use jojoba oil. Jojoba oil can do miracles for your thin hair. If you want a natural and healthy scalp, try to use jojoba oil.
  7. Biotin can help in reducing hair loss. It is a vitamin found in almond, sweet potatoes, and peanut, egg. People with diabetes may have lower than normal level of biotin.
  8. Lifestyle is an essential element for a healthy body. Doing exercise, walk, talking proper medication, a healthy diet can do a lot to the body and can save you from suffering like diabetes, hair loss, etc.

Diabetes and hair loss generally occur together. But now when you know there are natural remedies as a cure which can help in re-growing hair and even benefit to diabetes. Using jojoba oil, emu oil, and healthy diet adding nuts, egg, and medication can keep your blood sugar level in control thereby reversing or slowing down the effect of hair loss.


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hair loss

Data revealed that by the age of 35, around 66% of men lose a significant amount of hair, and as the age continues to grow, the number increases to 85% by the age of 55. This, unfortunately, means there is a chance you are either going to bald completely or at least partially. You can buy Hairootz capsules to improve your condition. You get these capsules along with other hair care products online from at nominal prices. You can also look for the options to compare the best hair care products online.

Hair loss is not a good thing, and can hugely affect one’s self-esteem. When it comes to balding heads, many myths abound. The moment we notice that his/her scalp line is getting wider or notice receding hairline, we begin looking out for the cause of the problem or ways to prevent the hair loss condition. You might be surprised to know that many people are unable to separate facts from myth when it comes to hair loss. Hair loss myths are kept on going because particularly women feel it is a sensitive subject to talk on, which could be quite unfortunate since a lot of knowledge and treatments could be established by open communication and shared experiences.

There are many myths about hair loss. Why people lose hair, this question leaves many people confused and disheartened, and there is a number a methods people used to stop hair loss which actually doesn’t do anything.

Here are some myths and facts about Hair Loss:

  1. Myth- hair loss is inherited from the paternal or maternal side.

Fact- You cannot blame any specific person in your family. There is no single hair loss gene, both parents genes are a factor. Clinical studies revealed that hair loss occurs due to the interaction of or between several genes inherited from both father and mother.

  1. Myth- Baldness is inherited from your maternal side.

Fact- The growth and loss of hair are determined by genes from both the maternal and paternal side of your family. You cannot blame one parent for your hair loss. If your father has had a history of hair loss and your mother has no history of thinning of hair, you are still at risk of developing hair loss issues.

  1. Myth- Wearing hats cause hair to fall off.

Fact- This is the common misconception that people have about hats. They connect wearing hats to baldness which is not true. The only way for this to happen is that your hat is feeling too tight on your scalp. Unless your hat is extremely uncomfortable to wear or its too tight that it is pulling your hair constantly, you cannot experience hat related baldness.

  1. Myth-Over shampooing can make you lose hair strands.

Fact- When you shampoo or brush your hair, it is quite normal to experience some hair fall. Hair follicles that fall out tend o replaced by new hair follicles as the years passes. On an average, every individual loses around 100 to 200 strands every day, and these are grown back during the hair follicles cycle of the growth phase.

  1. Myth- You can’t regrow dead hair follicles.

Fact- Hair loss treatments including medications and laser therapy can help grow thicker and healthier hair however once the follicles are dead it is impossible for it to come back with regular hair loss treatments. The only option to grow back hair is to get a hair transplant.

  1. Myth-Only men experience baldness.

Fact- Many people believed that baldness only affects men which is false. Women lose hair in a different way than men, but they still lose their strands. According to the research, 40% of women experiences thinning of hair over the years and around 80% experienced significant hair loss by the age of 60.

  1. Myth- Using hair styling tools can lead to hair loss.

Fact- Excessive use of air styling products or dying hair can weaken your delicate strands. Repeated exposure to products that produce heat such as straighteners, blow dryers, and curling irons can cause healthy strands to break. However, none of them causes damage to the follicles that are responsible for hair growth.

  1. Myth- Brushing hair contribute to hair loss.

Fact- Brushing hair can improve the blood circulation and promote hair growth. However brushing so hard can pull out a few hair follicles but that will grow back following the growth phase cycle.

prevent hair loss

Seeing a lot of hair stands lying in the washbasin or snatched by the comb can be heartbreaking for any woman. Although hair fall is inevitable to some extent, it should not take away the elegance of your hairstyle. That’s why you have to take some solutions to prevent hair loss or baldness pattern. Experts suggest some tips that you can consider to nurture your hair. You can buy some hair care products online and use them under prescription or take a hair loss treatment if the condition is entering at a severe stage.

Hair fall as a common problem:

Every hair stand goes through a growth cycle that comprises four phases known as anagen (hair growth), catagen (transition), telogen (resting), and exogen (shedding). The fall of about 50 strands a day is a normal phenomenon as new strands replace them continuously and there is nothing serious to think about it. A panic situation arises when you only lose strands and there is no sign of new ones emerging out of the bulb. Though the condition of hair loss is not harmful to your body as such, it causes an emotional trauma to most of the people. You can take up a hair loss treatment to get rid of this situation. There are some useful tips to help you out in the course of hair loss prevention.

Here is a brief discussion about some of these tips:

  1. Avoid hair-straining hairstyle:

A tight ponytail, braid or cornrow can strain your hair strands, making them vulnerable to fall easily. The stress caused by the tight hairstyle can also cause thinning and receding hairline. If your hairs are not feeling comfortable with a particular hairstyle, it is better to avoid it for the sake of their health. Let your hair be flexible, flow freely and breathe easily.

  1. Avoid heat and hair dryer that reduces scalp moisture:

The contact of heat and warm air blow can break your hair strands and make them prone to brittle. The excess use of hair straightener or curling iron can destroy the natural beauty of your hair and it can evaporate the moisture of the scalp. Let your hair dry naturally instead of burning it by an electronic tool. These days, you can find different hair care products online that promise to take care of the health of your hair without harming its natural attributes.

  1. Less use of chemical products:

Harsh chemical elements present in shampoo or hair oil can prove to be harmful to your hair. Cosmetic products are probably beneficial for your hair for the short time, but they can damage or weaken the hair follicles and cause hair fall. Make sure you use the deep-conditioning treatment or any such hair care product that has less chemical and more herbal ingredients. Use herbal colors that work like a natural hair loss treatment and give a stylish look to your tress.

  1. Take nutritious diet to prevent hair loss:

Foods products that are high in vitamins and minerals such as iron, zinc, vitamin B12, and other nutritious components can strengthen hair follicles for the birth of thick and fuller hair. Your diet should comprise plenty of leafy greens, seasonal fruits, almonds, berries, nuts, beans, eggs, fish, and lean meats for the good nutrition of your hair. You can buy a number of hair care products online and use them freely but they cannot substitute the importance of a nutritious diet.

  1. Timely scalp massage is important to prevent baldness pattern:

Experts suggest mild scalp massage at least once a week. It helps to stimulate the blood circulation in the scalp, boosting hair growth. It is a natural hair loss treatment in which you do not have to spend money. You can use an effective herbal hair oil to nourish hair follicles. Use your fingertips and massage scalp in the circular motion to reduce hair stress and hence for the prevention of hair loss.

Hair Loss Treatment and Products

Losing some hair stands and gaining the new ones is the actual sign of hairs health, if you keep it losing then what would you do? It is really frustrating to imagine that a baldness pattern taking a shape on your head and your personality would look a bit different in near future. Maybe you have been buying a lot of hair care products online and trying different solutions to prevent hair loss, there is always a sense of fear about whether they would work or not. Experts are also not unanimous which is the best hair loss treatment for you. We can only list some hair loss solutions that might work for you.

How serious is Hair Loss?

Hair loss or baldness is a common problem to find in every other person. Both male and female experience this problem. Although it is more vision in men because of their hairstyle. There is one thought that says that hair loss cannot be treated at any cost and once you start losing them, it goes out of control. No matter how much money you spend to prevent your hair, baldness in inevitable. This condition has more emotional or psychological impact on the people. Well, it is not true in every case and this condition can be cured to a great extent with the help of some effective hair loss treatments.

Most of the dermatologists and clinic experts have emphasized the effectiveness of three particular hair loss solutions that include the use of minoxidil, finasteride, and laser treatment. Your doctor can suggest which one would be the best option for you. There are some other solutions too that can help you in preventing the creation of a baldness pattern.

Let’s have a look at some popular and effective hair loss treatments those are available to buy hair loss products online that you can consider for dealing with your hair loss.

Nutritious Diet:

The importance of a healthy diet can never be undermined. In most cases, people experience baldness and hair fall due to the deficiency of nutritious components in their regular diet. The lack of healthy food can weaken hair strands, triggering hair fall and baldness pattern. Therefore, it is essential to eat healthy food products in order to take care of your hair. Hair experts also agree that by eating plenty of proteins, vitamins and minerals available in the food products can make your hair stronger, thicker and shinier. The intake of protein-rich foods like fish, pulse, eggs as well as green vegetables can completely change the look of your hair. Nutritious diet the most effective hair loss treatment that you can comfortably afford.


Minoxidil is an antihypertensive vasodilator medication that anyone can use to prevent hair loss. This generic medication is often taken for the treatment of androgenic alopecia and baldness. Minoxidil is an FDA-approved medication for hair loss and it has the potential to reverse miniaturization of hair follicles, increase blood circulation in the scalp, stimulate hair growth and enhance the growth phase of each follicle.

Light Laser Therapy:

Laser treatment got a huge popularity off late in the area of hair loss treatment. This therapy can stimulate blood flow to the scalp, encouraging the development of hair follicles. You can take this treatment at home to nurture your hair. Remember that it is not a solution for the baldness and is made to prevent the hair loss. There are no side effects of this therapy as such, and you can find such hair care products online. You have to learn how to use it and maintain your hair strands carefully.

Some other hair loss treatments can be included as shampoos, hair replacement surgery, scalp biopsy, Finasteride (Propecia), Light microscopy etc.

Hair Loss

Hair fall cannot be prevented; new hair follicles are not strong enough; once you lose the hair, you cannot regain it; hair loss treatment is not a permanent solution; baldness cannot be treated; these are some conceptions that people have made about the hair. There have been a lot of myths and facts related to hair loss that many people are unable to distinguish. Well, these myths have been proving to be a beneficial business for the companies selling hair care products online as well as on the market.

Hair related myths are pertinent:

On one hand, we have a number of hair care products’ makers; on the other hand, their consumers are there to make a choice. These makers are largely responsible for keeping the hair related myths alive in order to sell their products, whereas consumers, especially women, are largely attracted towards these products due to lack of factual information. Also, many people find it a bit embarrassing to discuss their hair problems openly. The biggest fact is that you can find better hair loss treatment if you discuss your problems and share your issues with others.

Myths and facts related to hair loss:

Here is a brief discussion of some myths and facts related to hair loss. It would help you understand this issue in a better way.

Myth: Hair loss is inherited from the father or grandfather.

Fact: It is not true that only your father or grandfather’s gene is responsible for the baldness. Heredity is one of the factors for causing hair loss but it is not related to only one gender in the family. It can be due to the interaction of genes inherited from mother or father or any of your grandparents.

Myth: Hair loss is a male problem.

Fact: This problem affects both men and women. It is found that men suffer from this problem more than women. The severity of the problem is also different. The baldness pattern is more visible in men than women. But both are needed to take hair loss treatment to deal with this issue.

Myth: Hair loss occurs in women only due to cancer treatment while it is an age-related problem in men.

Fact: It is true that people undergoing chemotherapy lose hair during the treatment but it happens to both genders. This cancer treatment affects the scalp of every patient; it is only the difference of some degrees in men and women. Those who buy hair care products online or over the counter do not have to worry about cancer therapy.

Myth: There is no role of diets in hair loss.

Fact: Your diet has an influence on the health of your hair. If your diet lacks the essential vitamins and minerals, it will affect the health of hair roots. The consumption of vitamin- and mineral-rich food products can strengthen hair roots and encourage the growth of hair follicles.

Myth: The use of cosmetic hair products can cause hair loss.

Fact: The contact of harsh chemicals and cosmetics can damage your hair to some extent but they rarely cause hair loss. If you are buying hair care products online, ensure that they do not have any such hazardous components that could affect the health of your hair.

Myth: The application of electronic hair dryer can cause hair loss.

Fact: There is no evidence to support this myth that blow dryer causes thinning and falling of hair. However, it is found that the excessive use of hair dryer can break hair strands and make follicles weak. You do not require any hair loss treatments but limit the use of such electronic equipment.


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