Can Diabetes Affect Your Hair Growth?

People with diabetes are often warned of the side effects of diabetes that could potentially have on your vision, fingers, and toes, but what about your hair? Yes, diabetes and hair loss, unfortunately, go hand in hand. Diabetes occurs when your body stops making insulin hormone, which moves the sugar from the food; flows to bloodstream into your cells to be stored and used as energy.  Diabetes can be one of your causes of hair loss.

For those who are unaware of diabetes symptoms, thinning of hair is the initial symptom. It is a reaction to the metabolic and hormonal stress your body undergoes as soon as pancreas stop producing insulin.

Insulin treatment also plays an important role in hair loss or thinning of hair. Since stress level increases, it slows down or even stop the growth of hair. Initial thinning of hair is visible when new hair grew or replace the dead hair. Once your body balances the insulin, it automatically normalized the hair and its growth.

Diabetes slows down the recovery of a patient with respect to the skin if there is an infection or wound due to diabetes, it takes a lot of time to heal. If the skin of scalp has any such effect it will definitely affect the hair growth.

Is hair loss from diabetes revocable?

To some extent yes, it is. This is only possible if the patient takes care of a few things, like manage the blood sugar level, avoid stress, taking proper medication, etc.

To understand this further let’s check a few things:

    1. A healthy diet can do wonders in our life. To stop or slow down the hair loss, one must take a healthy diet full of fruits and green vegetables which can help in controlling the blood sugar level.
    2. Hair oil keeps the scalp moist. Try using emu oil as hair treatment as it can heal and rejuvenate the scalp effectively. Emu oil is a super conditioner; it’s believed to stimulate follicles and encourage hair growth.
    3. Avoid using heavy chemicals or harsh shampoos. Too gentle to the hair and use mild or natural shampoo.
    4. Let hair dry naturally, avoid using a dryer, straightened, perms, and roller hair.
    5. If there is too much hair loss and it is visible; one can use a wig to cover the baldness. And can easily be removed.
    6. One can use jojoba oil. Jojoba oil can do miracles for your thin hair. If you want a natural and healthy scalp, try to use jojoba oil.
    7. Biotin can help in reducing hair loss. It is a vitamin found in almond, sweet potatoes, and peanut, egg. People with diabetes may have lower than normal level of biotin.
    8. Lifestyle is an essential element for a healthy body. Doing exercise, walk, talking proper medication, a healthy diet can do a lot to the body and can save you from suffering like diabetes, hair loss, etc.

Diabetes and hair loss generally occur together. But now when you know there are natural remedies as a cure which can help in re-growing hair and even benefit to diabetes. Using jojoba oil, emu oil, and healthy diet adding nuts, egg, and medication can keep your blood sugar level in control thereby reversing or slowing down the effect of hair loss.

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