Natural Treatments for Thinning Hair

Both men and women of all ages crave for thicker and fuller hair, especially when thinning of hairs become noticeable. The good news is that there are some natural treatments to stop thinning of hairs like reducing stress, eating a balanced diet, balancing hormones and many more.

Everybody wishes to have lush and glossy hair. Hair loss is a very distressing condition as it affects one’s personality and physical appearance. The condition is very common in both women and men. Women have a receding hairline while men develop baldness in the center. But when it starts do you have any idea? It starts gradually, and the sign you first notice is thinning of hairs.

Thinning of hairs may lead to hair loss

Let’s talk about the first sign of hair loss- thinning of hairs. It’s something that most women and men experience at some point in their lives; therefore, it is one of the most discussed health problems. There are a number of factors that can contribute to thinning of hairs such as low function thyroid, hormonal changes, stress, use of medicines, and any other health complications.

An average adult loses around 50 to 100 hairs every day. When hair falls up to this level is completely normal. Many people think that losing so many hairs makes their hair look thinner, but that’s true only in the case if the normal hair growth is not up to the speed. There is no need to worry as long as hair growth and hair loss are in proper balance, but if there is imbalance then consider thinning of hair as a problem. For a lot of people, hair loss is a daily concern.

Easy and effective ways to stop hair loss

Many people have a greater fear that thinning of hair will turn into permanent hair loss and even baldness. If you think your hair loss is not at all a temporary issue and you are looking to regain the lost thickness, here are some of the natural treatments for hair loss that will help you get your healthy hairs back.

    • Reduce stress– Stress is one of the causes of hair fall. The more you are stressed, the more are your chances of losing hair. By reducing stress, you can see a major change in the health of your hair as well as the entire body. Practicing yoga not only helps in reducing stress but also restores the natural hormonal balance.
    • Balance hormone– Hormonal imbalance can also trigger hair loss. Especially women go through a lot of hormonal imbalance during pregnancy, which can cause temporary hair loss. However, the problem disappears after delivery.  Balancing hormones can also help you in correcting hormonally lined complications, those results in hair loss.
    • Herbs and supplements-Saw Palmetto promote healthy hair by keeping the testosterone levels balanced. It is considered as an effective hair growth agent and a hair loss medication. Ginkgo Biloba is an herb used to strengthen the hair shaft, which stops thinning of hair. It also encourages blood flow and gives an antioxidant boost to the body, including hair. It is found in OTC hair loss medications.
    • Increase nutrient intake-You need a boost of nutrients if your hair is thinning. What you eat has a direct impact on the health of your hair. Include food items that contain vitamin C, Iron, vitamin A, and zinc. These are the essential nutrients that can be found in foods such as kale, lentils, dark leafy vegetables, red pepper, papaya, kiwi, broccoli, sweet potato, pumpkin, egg yolks, and chickpeas. Food containing omega-3 fatty acids such as salmon is excellent for hair health. An iron-rich protein like grass-fed beef can help to improve your hair health. Your hair follicle needs a nutrient-rich supply to continue the normal cycle of hair growth.
    • Check your medications-There are many medications that contribute to hair loss; therefore it is important that you don’t take medications that have been linked to hair loss. Check your medication as well as your supplements for the side effect. If you know, one of them may cause hair loss problem then stop taking the drug and consult your healthcare specialist about your hair loss.


Are you ready to get back your healthy, thick hair? Don’t be held back by thinning hair any longer. Explore these natural hair loss remedies and regain control of your hair health now!

Discover the power of stress reduction, hormone balance, hair-boosting herbs and vitamins, and nutrient optimization. Say goodbye to thinning hair and welcome to thick, lustrous hair. Start your road to fuller, healthier hair right away!

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