power naps

Do you know what was common between the great physicist’s like Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison? Yes, you are guessing right; their contribution towards advancement of mankind but apart from their contribution they were all avid power nappers.

Basically, what is a power nap? It is regarded as a short nap during the day time for about 15- 25 minutes. One third of Americans do not get enough sleep, which leads to irritability and sloppiness. Even the proper rested Americans experience an energy dip between 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Continue Reading

Mental and physical causes of insomnia

“Early to bed and early to rise is no more the game of wise and for our generation it is not the way of life.” Today’s fast, glamorous and hectic lifestyle has made us none better than androids. Sleeplessness is the new trend and insomnia is the latest lifestyle of the youth. All these confusing disorders are none other than sleep deprivation, Insomnia, fatigue and many more. In order to highlight the importance of sleep we need to know what exactly sleep is and how much of importance is this subject is to all of us. Continue Reading