Take Drugs For Erectile dysfunction(ED) as prescribed!

ED drugs are now like a windfall for the people having erectile dysfunction. By using ED drugs, you can reclaim your sexual pleasure.Physical intimacy is very necessary for the human bonding. Some of us are unable to enjoy the golden moments because of sexual dysfunctions in either of the partners.Erectile dysfunction(ED) is one of them that is the inability of the males to get or maintain a penile erection during intercourse. ED may be due to age, psychological or health problems. The ED drugs in the market are now a means to overcome the problem of erectile dysfunction. Few FDA approved ED drugs name is as below.

• Sildenafil
• Tadalafil
• Vardenafil

Take Drugs For Erectile dysfunction(ED) as prescribed!

How to take ED drugs?

You should discuss with the doctor before using the ED drugs as they have mild to serious side-effects. The most common ED drug side effects are as given below:

• Heart problems
• Headaches
• Body Aches and Pains
• Gastrointestinal Ailments
• Dizziness
• Flushing
• Congestion and Runny Nose

You follow the instruction given on the prescription label and ask your doctor or pharmacist if you are not getting any part of it. ED drugs are not suitable for everyone especially for those who are taking following medications:

• Nitroglycerine or any other long-acting nitrate for chest pain.
• Alpha blocker for high blood pressure or prostate.

Different ED drugs show their effect in between 15 to 30 minutes, and their effect may last from 4 to 6 hour accept tadalafil that has having longer half-life of 17 to 18 hours. So, take the drug accordingly.

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 Persistence of ED even after taking the ED drugs

There are many males who face the problem of erectile dysfunction. ED drugs are prescribed by a doctor to overcome the problem of erection. But in some cases, the erectile dysfunction persists even after taking these drugs. But why and in which circumstances ED drugs fail to produce the desired effect? Following are the conditions in which ED drugs fail to respond:

  1. Drugs work above physiological threshold dose only

There is always a blood concentration minima of the drug above which it is effective and below it no response will be observed. The dosage taken should be such that the drug remains above this threshold level inside the body for a sufficient period. Under certain pathological conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and high blood cholesterol, patient may also be advised to consume lower doses due to reduced tolerance to the medication.

    2. If you take the ED drug at the wrong time

Some of the medicaments like Sildenafil used for ED treatment might not work if taken just after meal. Since the presence of food in the stomach hinders the absorption, drugs must be popped in while the stomach is empty. On the contrary drug like Tadalafil pose no such restrictions.

    3. If you are not giving sufficient time to the drug to reach maxima

Medications usually do not show effects instantaneously as it takes time for the drug to be absorbed into the body and to reach its effective blood concentration. Hence, waiting for 1-2 hours after taking ED drugs and prior having sex might be beneficial, especially it is being used for the first time. After all, it’s just a drug, not magic.

    4. Concluding the dose to be ineffective after try once

Before saying that particular treatment is the ineffective one must try it at least twice, keeping in check all the factors like food, sexual stimulation, etc. that could influence its effect. However, after so much of a consideration if the intended results are not observed with a given dose then one can consider switching to the higher dose that too after consulting with a doctor.

    5. Genetic differences: changing might work

Since every individual has a unique genetic makeup, so it is entirely possible that every patient respond differently to drugs. So, it is reasonable to assume, on the pharmacogenetic basis, that the change might be beneficial for some patients. But it is advisable to exhaust all the orally active phosphodiesterase firstly five inhibitor options and then switch over to injectable alternative such as Alprostadil.

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Which ED drug works best?

This is the usual question that comes to the mind of a person having erectile dysfunction. He starts his search in newspapers magazines, internet for getting answers to his query. The drugs are not going to do the job unless they are not suited for you. Consider Sildenafil, Tadalafil,Vardenafil: all the three drugs are efficient for treating erectile dysfunction and are safe but only a physician can tell you the best ED drug after examining your health conditions and needs.

Final word

When an individual is sexually excited, signals from the brain are sent via group of nerves to penis. This causes the release of a chemical into the penile muscles which results in the production of another chemical that brings about erection. The drugs meant for the treatment of ED are efficient due to this biological phenomenon but some sexual arousal is also necessary to potentiate their effect. ED drugs are the potential way of stimulating a satisfying erection. It is advisable to use the medication in a proper way to get maximum therapeutic benefits.

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