7 Exercises To Tone Your Body

The human body is the most beautiful creation of God. But due to many reasons some human body becomes lean, some fat, some medium, or some are obese. These are the different nature or type of body we have. To avoid the body shaming now, it is necessary to tone up your body and get yourself fit.

However, to maintain or to keep yourself healthy, it is suggested that one need to keep themselves physically active.

There are many ways to keep yourself physically active:

  • Walking: It a best and most effective way to stay active as well as to reduce stress. It’s a saying “when your sad go for a walk when your happy go for a walk”.
  • Cycling: Pedaling is related to our childhood exercise. When a child grows up the first thing, we taught them is cycling. In today environment when pollution is at the peak, and we humans are facing a lot of breathing problem cycling help us in breathing, and it is the best cardio.
  • Yoga: Yoga is one of the oldest methods to keep yourself fit. When there was no gym no aerobics, yoga was the only fitness method available.
  • Gym: It’s trending these days to be fit.

You can choose any of the option matching your interest level to stay healthy.

But before we jump into the conversation, we need to understand that to start with anything whether it is gym, yoga, Zumba, etc. we need a trainer. An expert who knows our body requirement and who choose the best exercise for us which can give the best result.

Many times, it happened you go to gym or fitness center to get yourself tone up or reduce weight or to gain weight, but sooner or later we end up with nothing as we do not have enough knowledge, techniques, and equipment. So, it’s essential to have a good trainer first.

This usually happened with everybody that by the time winter gets over we realize that our body is not fit to wear swimwear in summers and it’s important to quickly start some effective workouts which can help our body to tone up than others to look slim beach ready and toned.

In this article, you will get to know the simple ways through which you can reduce weight and tone your body.

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You may have heard the words like zero figure and balanced physique from some fitness freaks or may watch your favorite celebrity giving some major fitness goals to the society. If you too are looking for ways to get a leaned body like your favorite actor, you must incorporate these exercises into your exercise regimen:

  1. Push-up: It is specifically for toning your upper body, arms, and chest.

How to do it:

  • Place your body with your arms straight out, slightly wider than your shoulder. Ground the toes into the floor, neutralize the neck and spine by looking on the floor. Make sure your head should be in line with your back
  • Hold your lower body and push your chest towards the floor or hold it two inches above the floor
  • Make it a roughly 45-degree angle and then repeat
  1. Plank: Plank helps to strengthen the spine as well as tone your arms as well as the upper, and lower portion of the body. To start with the plank, it is important to make your body well balanced.

How to do it:

  • Place your body with your arms straight out, slightly wider than your shoulder like you are about to do a push-up
  • Now bend the elbow and rest your weight on your forearms
  • The body should be straight from shoulders to ankles
  • Take a deep breath and in the beginning hold your body to the prescribed time
  1. Jumping jack: It’s simple and helps to tone the overall body. It is an exercise that can be done anywhere or anytime.

How to do it:

  • Stand up straight with your legs together, arms at your sides
  • Spread your legs when you jump, while stretching your arms out over your head
  • Jump back to starting position
  • Repeat
  1. Squats: Squats help to strengthen your lower body thighs, butt, and pelvic muscles. It’s also known as chair position.

How to do it:

  • Stand on your feet, slightly wider than your shoulder
  • Sit back and down as if your sitting on an imaginary chair
  • Hold your position for a second or two
  • Stand back in normal position
  • Repeat.
  1. Twist exercise: Here, we are discussing the full abdominal twist. It’s not only effective in reducing the flab around your waist but also strengthens your arms. All you need to do is:
  • Sit on the floor with your knee bent and flat feet. make sure your back is flat and abs tight. Hold a dumbbell in your hand and twist, take the dumbbell first to one side then come back to the center with the dumbbell. Then again twist and take the dumbbell to the other side.
  1. Lunges- They are very effective for weight loss, doing lunges means make your multiple muscles working at the same time for maximum calorie burn. Stand with feet hip-width apart. Hold your hands on your waist and take one step forward, and bend the knee, hold the position for as much as time you can. keep your spine straight, making a 90-degree angle with your leg. Repeat with your other leg as well.
  1. Crunches: It helps in reducing belly fat and abdominal fat.

How to do it:

  • Begin with lying on the floor facing upward.
  • Bend your knees to 90-degree
  • Place your hand either near the head to support your body
  • Push your upper body toward pelvis hold and relax
  • Repeat.

To have a well-toned body, it’s very important to have a healthy intake, protein and fibre are the excellent dietary sources. To reduce weight, one needs to add vegetables, egg, fruits, and plenty of water to his/her diet. These are specific tips for weight loss which can help your body to tone up and get ready for summers to flaunt.