First Aid Care for your Eye Injuries

Our eyes are exposed to several incidents happening around us and we spend nearly half of our days in reading the text, working on computer or mobile and watching television, these all make a toll on our eyes. Therefore, we require the effective and prompt eye care treatment. There are some useful eye care tips that you can administer to deal with the day-to-day eye problems.

Why we need eye care:

Eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of our body, so any minor or major injuries to the eyes should be taken seriously. Our eyes are prone to develop various complications with aging but not all of them are serious in nature, rather you can take some preventive measures and move on. But, you cannot take leverage with the eye injuries and it could be fatal after a period of time. For example, an eye infection is very common to see, but in few cases, it affects the eyesight. Though an eye infection treatment is not difficult, many people tend to ignore it.

First Aid Care for your Eye Injuries

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Talking about some common eye problems and the prompt first aid care, there is so much to take care of by following some useful eye care tips. Here is a brief description taking some symptoms of eye problem and their preventive actions to deal with the condition at your ease.

Deal with the chemical burns your eyes:

Facing the chemical fume in the workplace, traffic or home is very common and it directly makes an impact on the eyes. You can resist such toxic or harsh chemical particles by wearing the safety glasses. Sometimes, the chemical fume causes eye burn and they can further damage the eye’s surface if you frequently blink your eyes in that environment.

The very first eye care treatment in this situation is water flush that can clean the chemical particles. After that, you can contact your doctor for further treatment. If the chemical is not very toxic in nature, water flush is enough to comfort your eyes.

Remove dust and foreign objects:

The invasion of dust, smoke and other foreign objects on the eyes is a very usual problem and we cannot turn down the surrounding’s influence. It usually causes eye irritation and redness around the lens. One of the important eye care tips that you can consider is rolling the eyeball for a few seconds and after that flush your eyes with the water.  You should not rub your eyes repeatedly; otherwise, the dust inside the eyes could injure the eye’s surface (sclera). You can use rose water to rejuvenate your eyes and clean the foreign objects.

Treat minor blows to the eyes at home:

Some minor bruising, pain, and swelling are usually experienced in the eye(s) following a blow. A few specks or some small bloodlines often appear after a blow to the eye. A direct blow to the eye could damage the eyeball as well as eye socket. These symptoms of eye problem can easily be treated at home. You should gently apply a small cold compressor or rub an ice cube. Use a soft cloth between the ice and skin while cooling off the eye blow. Remember that even a light blow to the eye can cause an eye injury or potential damage, so contact your doctor to find an eye care medicine in the case of emergency.

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Deal with minor cuts or puncture wounds on the eye or lid:

If you have any minor injury to your eyelid, you ensure to get an eye care treatment or first aid as soon as possible. Follow some eye care tips to deal with the problem. First, keep water away from the injury site. Cover the eye properly to stop bleeding and keep dust particles away. Use a clean cotton cloth or tissue paper to clean the surrounding areas of the injury. After that, seek medical attention from your doctor for the further treatment.

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