Understand effectiveness of home remedies for pink eye

Conjunctivitis or pink eye problem is very common. Especially in summer, its cases are more frequent. Although it’s not an incurable condition but ignoring the symptoms of pink eye can gradually deteriorate your vision. You can use some home remedies to improve the condition.

Redness in the eyes and swelling of the conjunctiva is very easy to identify, as the mucous membrane form red lines on the eyelid and on the white part of your eye’s surface. An inflammation or infection makes small blood vessels more visible in the eyes. In this condition, you feel irritation in the eyes that can aggravate the problem furthermore. The home remedies for pink eye focuses on reducing the irritation and soothing your eyes.

Causes of pink eye:

There are different factors that cause pink eye problem. Generally, this condition is caused by a bacterial or viral infection; also, an allergic reaction may affect one or both eyes.

Some external factors like fumes or smoke and chemical particles can also bring about redness in the conjunctiva. Sometimes, dry eyes from the lack of tears or more exposure of eyes to sun and wind can also cause pink eye condition.

Pink eye symptoms:

Conjunctivitis caused by virus, bacteria or infections exhibit some specific signs. Such symptoms of pink eye can be identified as:

• Redness in white portion of eye
• Release of excess tears
• Itchiness in or around the eye
• A gritty feeling
• Increased sensitivity to light
• Swelling in tender areas
• Blurred vision
• Redness starts in one eye and then moves to another one

Conjunctivitis as an indication of underlying conditions:

Pink eye can be a result of some pre-existing health conditions. Some of these conditions can be listed as Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Kawasaki’s disease. Apart from these, there are some inflammatory bowel problems like Crohn’s Disease (abdominal cramping) and ulcerative colitis can also emanate the symptoms of pink eye.

Natural remedies for pink eye:

Natural or home remedies are widely recommended to treat the pink eye problem. Such methods can take care of eye’s sensitivity and do not incur any side effects. Some of these natural remedies include:

• Milk yogurt

You can apply cultured yogurt on the affected eye(s) to reduce the effects of bacterial conjunctivitis. The application of raw cow or goat milk has the capacity to resist bacterial influence so it helps to normalize pink eye.

• Mixture of milk and honey

The antibacterial properties of honey are very effective in preventing bacterial infection. Take a mixture of honey and lukewarm milk and use it as an eye drop and eye wash. It will gradually heal pink eye problem.

• Rose water and aloe vera

Rose water can reduce inflammation in the eyes as well as remove pollutant or dirt that would give you a clear vision. Similarly, aloe vera juice can cool off eye inflammation and reduce the intensity of other symptoms of pink eyes. Both these herbs are easily available and you can use them regularly.

• Black tea treatment

Washing eyes with the lukewarm black tea provides good relief from the pink eye condition. This natural solution doesn’t hurt eye’s sensitivity. Take a tea bag and dip it in the lukewarm water for about 10 minutes and then apply this water on the eyes 3 times a day to for a few days to treat pink eyes.

• Castor oil

Castor oil has the capacity to reduce inflammation in the eyes. You need to put 1 drop in the affected eye three times a day. It also helps to clean eyes and prevents dust particles and pollutants from affecting your eyes.

• Healthy diet

The selection of food items is very important to support the treatment of pink eye condition. Try to avoid sugary food products like potatoes, white bread, candies & nougat, Cookies, sauces, ice-cream, cakes etc. There are several food items that you can take in order to diagnose pink eyes. Some of these food products include carrot, papaya, dairy products, tomato, and others. Food products rich in vitamin B2 such as green vegetables, bananas, citrus fruit, milk, almonds, amla etc. are included among the effective home remedies for pink eye. Regular intake of the healthy diet is essential for the people suffering from conjunctivitis.

Prevention of pink eye:

Apart from home remedies, it’s also important to consider some preventive steps that help you to resist the risks conjunctivitis or the symptoms of pink eyes. These include:

• Avoid frequent rubbing of eye(s)
• Avoid wearing heavy cosmetic makeup
• Say no to another person’s contact lenses
• Keep your bed, pillowcase, handkerchief and cloth clean
• Wash hands after applying the eye drops or ointment to your eye or other’s eye
• Wear eyeglasses instead of contact lenses if not necessary
• Understand allergic elements that affect your eyes
• Avoid getting closer to those having pink eye problem

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