Weight loss tips for men are easy to learn and follow

Often it is asserted that slim is smart and fat is bad. Men have to be conscious of body weight and let not be subject to embarrassment, especially when there are so many effective weight loss tips for men are available.

weight loss tips for men

At present, obesity has become like an endemic all over the world with more than 400 million people are suffering from overweight. Men are supposed to be the main purveyor of the family, and if he becomes overweight or sluggish, it affects the well-being of the entire family. The scientific and practical fitness tips for men are many, but the question is that how seriously they follow them.

BMI factor:
Body Mass Index (BMI) is a reliable scale of obesity. It indicates what your body weight should be in accordance with the height. In general, the BMI indices between 18.5 and 25 refer a healthy body; below 18 means underweight and above of 25 signals overweight. The weight loss tips for men focus to keep the BMI level under control. The BMI is drawn through the formula:

BMI = Weight in kg / (Height in meters x Height in meters)

Causes of overweight:
There are various factors for causing the bulky figure, such as:

Lack of exercise
Excess intake of junk foods like burgers, pizza, fried snacks
Lack of sleep
Hormonal imbalance
Sedentary lifestyle
Stress, tension, and depression
Consumption of alcohol in large quantities
Haphazard eating habit
Certain medications

Symptoms of overweight:
The overweight condition is reflected by several signs and symptoms as your body starts behaving differently. The fitness tips for men try to eliminate these symptoms by burning the extra fat. Some of these symptoms can be recognized like:

Tiredness in moderate physical work
Breathing problems
Backache and joint pain
Insomnia or restlessness
High level of cholesterol, and sometimes acute heart diseases
Enlarged muscles and saturation of fat at waist, thighs, chest and calves
Excessive sweating

Here are some of the standards and prominent weight loss tips for men that they can emulate to find a slim look.

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Work it out with a workout
The physical activities and sweating in the gym are very crucial to lose weight. Take your workout regimen either under the weight loss plan or just to keep yourself healthy; the fact is that you burn extra fat and thus shape your body beautifully. The more you burn the fat through exercise, the better physique you find to cherish. You can try cycling, swimming, morning walk or sprinting to lose fat.

Keep a tab on calorie intake
The number of calories you need to take to maintain your optimum weight depends on various factors such as age, physical activity, gender, height, etc. Almost two-third of the calories that we consume each day is invested in maintaining the normal body function, so you have to understand how many calories would be sufficient for everyday activities. That’s why an excess of calories has to be avoided for the sake of good and balanced physique.

Small changes in meal habit
One can cut up to 500 calories by making small adjustments in the meals. For example, drink water in place of fruit juice; replace chocolate with strawberries; eat sliced cucumber and a tablespoon of hummus in place of chips and take a stroll after a meal. They seem to be little adjustments, but very effective weight loss tips for men and if regularly consulted then good results can be achieved.

Drink water before meals
It seems to be a pretty thing, but works very high. Yes, drinking a little water before meal intensifies metabolism by 20-30% and its effects remains for the next 2-3 hours. So you lose more calories and maintain body weight perfectly.

The magic of green tea
Consumption of coffee and green tea is highly prescribed for shedding weight. Many experts known for giving effective fitness tips for men recommend green tea that is loaded with antioxidant properties called Catechins. It encourages the fat burning process, resulting weight loss within weeks.

Cut on sugar
Sugar is one of the worst ingredients that catalyze the development of body mass. It’s also found that most of the type 2 diabetes patients are overweight. The added sugar is not good for weight loss; try to avoid it as much as possible.

Other weight loss tips for men:
There are a few more tips for weight loss that you can include in your daily routine. They also work to achieve weight loss goal. These tips are:

Motivate yourself
Pay attention to portions
Avoid hunger
Take full sleep
Weigh yourself regularly
Set a realistic weight-loss goal

Being overweight is not a situation that you cannot overcome. If you are determined to burn extra fat, then there are many ways to help you out. Most of the weight loss tips for men are like your daily activities that you can comfortably follow and then feel the change. You need not to pay high and strive too hard, these tips are very simple are promising. Make it your lifestyle.

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