10 Things that could affect Erections

Strong and healthy erection plays an important role to make your sex life happy and long-lasting. If your partner is not satisfied sexually, it could lead to a condition of emotional trauma and distress in your family. This condition is developed in men when their sexual excitement dwindles.

There are various factors affecting erection and you have to deal with them with the help of an effective erectile dysfunction treatment. You can take a medical solution like Suhagra 100 mg that can treat the condition. You have to take ED as a serious health issue to save your sex life and build a good relationship with your partner.


Why Weak Erection Happens?

Erection is a bit complex function in which your hormones, nerves, vascular, psychological conditions and health come into play. Any imbalance in even one of these facets can cause a weak erection or erectile dysfunction. In this condition, men are unable to achieve a strong sex drive to satisfy their partners.

Some of the most crucial factors that could affect erections can be listed as:

  1. Lack of Nutritious Diet:

Your diet is one of the most important factors for improving erection. The deficiency of nutrition in your regular diet can lower sex drive or cause a weak erection. It is not just meeting the daily need for calories but you have to ensure the intake of healthy and nutritious food products needed for a satisfactory orgasm. The intake of healthy antioxidant-rich diet is itself a natural erectile dysfunction treatment that you can rely on. Experts recommend increasing the intake of seafood, fresh vegetables and fruits, berries, nuts, cereals and mineral-rich items for having better erections in the bed.

  1. Alcohol and Smoke:

There is no secret that alcohol and smoke can damage your sex life. They can lower the testosterone levels in the body and thus you fail to achieve the satisfactory orgasm. Moderate drinking is not so damaging to the health but you don’t have to cross the limit. Similarly, regular consumption of marijuana can reduce a man’s sex drive that may lead to the condition of ED. On the other hand, smoking is not beneficial in any way and you have to quit it as early as possible if you want to maintain a powerful erection for long.

  1. Medications can lower sex drive:

If you are a patient of high blood pressure, it can affect your erection. Various medications for the treatment of hypertension or any other health conditions can have an impact on the sex life. People living with cancer, respiratory problem or diabetes, the medications for these conditions can affect their erections. Such people can take the help of drugs like Suhagra 100 as it has the right ingredients to improve erection.

  1. Depression can affect erections:

Depression is a psychological issue that can kill your sex life. It can directly have an impact on the sex drive, causing erectile dysfunction. People living in deep depression are not attracted towards sexual play and, more rounds of failure in the bed can worsen their condition further. The medications taken to treat depression can also lower the sex drive or sexual excitement. It is important to take interest in sex to achieve a healthy erection but the state of depression can spoil the mood and leave your partner unsatisfied. The emotional agility and happy feeling are very important for the erectile dysfunction treatment, otherwise, no medicine improve the condition at all.

  1. Insomnia can damage sex drive:

Lack of sufficient sleep or sleep apnea is another factor for developing erectile dysfunction. Trouble sleeping can lower libido in men, making them a victim of weak erection. In some cases, some sort of medications is prescribed for comfortable sleep. Some 7-8 hours of quality sleep are recommended to maintain the satisfactory erection in men.

The other factors that affect the erections are:

  1. Overweight
  2. High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol
  3. Avoiding Exercise and workouts
  4. The testosterone level and
  5. Making risky postures while having sex

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