Mental and physical causes of insomnia

“Early to bed and early to rise is no more the game of wise and for our generation it is not the way of life.” Today’s fast, glamorous and hectic lifestyle has made us none better than androids. Sleeplessness is the new trend and insomnia is the latest lifestyle of the youth. All these confusing disorders are none other than sleep deprivation, Insomnia, fatigue and many more. In order to highlight the importance of sleep we need to know what exactly sleep is and how much of importance is this subject is to all of us. Continue Reading



The American Cancer Society recommends women to start mammography screenings at the age of 40. Additionally, it recommends that women at higher risk of breast cancer (with a cancerous family history), should go for regular breast MRIs, if a mammogram screening shows any abnormalities.

However, recent guidelines by the U.S. Preventative Services Task Force suggest that mammography should advisably start at the age of 50 instead of 40, however this is only a suggestion for the average woman. What should women with average or high risk of breast cancer do? We take a close look. Continue Reading
Independence Day

Fireworks, fun carnivals and fancy parades. We’re celebrating 4th of July, the most patriotic holiday of the American calendar. Synonymous with the American flag, white, red and blue are colors you’ll find around cities and commercial establishments like coffee shops and restaurants. This national day of importance is most commonly associated with parades and other summer-themed events.

So American: A patriotic garden party

What better way to pump up the American spirit than celebrating with friends and family. Host a cook-out dinner and serve traditional corn-on cob with barbecue burgers and roasted potatoes on the side.

scrumptious desert Sweet treats

No American party is complete without a scrumptious desert. This Independence day, you can get more creative and serve your guests cupcakes and cream pies with red and blue sugar sprinklers. Red and white candy sticks with red and black strawberries and blueberries will become a real hit at your party.

A true festive mood

You can also decorate your home with streamers, banners and balloons in festive colors. Votive candle holders are an interesting trend, that is fast picking up in most homes. These bright accessories are sure to light your party. Add bows and ribbons to mason jars and vases for fun, cheerful touch.

Parties and games for the little ones

Roasting marshmallows on the a bonfire is certainly to kids. If you plan to host a small family get-together with friends and cousins, you can also organize games.

A subtle hint of shimmer never hurt anyone.

Whether you’re a resident of Florida or New York, watching the beautiful fireworks display is the perfect ending to a charming 4th of July party. Or better yet, you create your own miniature version by lighting sprinklers and fireworks.

Hair Loss Treatments

Hair Loss Treatments Many of us do not enjoy a head full of thick, lush hair for long. You choose to conceal your hair loss with hairstyles and hair products that make your hair look thicker, but instead of losing more of your hair with harmful chemicals that you think makes your hair look good and thick, try to save what you already have. Continue Reading

Insulin Overdose

Insulin Overdose  Diabetes patients consume insulin to control their blood sugar levels. But taking too much of insulin can have a severe effect on a person’s health. An insulin overdose causes hypoglycemia, the signs of this are cold sweats, trembling hands, intense anxiety, and a sense of confusion.
Hypoglycemia, a result of insulin overdose happens to many people with diabetes. It can be a very serious health issue. However, issues related to insulin can be avoided by simply following a few rules of precaution. Continue Reading