When it comes to beauty, we tend to hear a lot of different things from people, through media, or other means, that it can become so immense to sort through what’s true or what’s false. For instance, many myths exist surrounding the loss of hair, which only creates confusion among individuals trying to prevent hair loss as well as those who are undergoing treatment for pattern hair loss.  

Many women define their feminity by having long, thick, and healthy hair. One recent study revealed that women who felt good about the appearance of the hair automatically felt good about their overall personality. We all lose hair and are worried about losing hair. Also, this worry is making lose us our hair more. But the good news is that some of the most commonly believe hair loss causes are not causing baldness. Here are common myths and the real facts to set the record straight.

  1.    Wearing a hat makes you bald

Wearing a hat would not affect hair until and unless the hat band is too tight, causing the loss of blood circulation in the head.

One study was conducted with people who regularly need to wear a hat at work and with people who don’t wear hats on a daily basis. The study showed no significant results to uphold this hair loss myth. Many people wear hats to hide bald patches on their scalp, and they can rest assured that wearing a hat is not making the condition worse.

If you are wearing a tight hat on a regular basis, maybe that can put pressure on areas of your head where it contracts your head. The condition could potentially lead to traction alopecia, a medical term for hair loss triggered by making too tight ponytails or pulling hair too tight.

You need to worry unless you are aggressive with the tightness; there is absolutely nothing to worry about.

  1.    If you experience baldness, it’s your mom’s fault

It used to be that if you wanted to know your chances of keeping your hair, you looked at your maternal side. If the people belong to your mother had strong hair, you were likely to have healthy hair. If anyone of them were bald, your fate is sealed.

It is just not true. It is a myth, you should look at your mom’s father says a clinical expert in New York-based hospital. This is because hair density is a polygenic trait, means more than one ancestor’s genes determine what is going to happen. Experts say that look at your parents and your siblings. If a family member shows early signs of hair thinning or is bald, then you need to keep an eye on your hair health.

  1.    Contraceptive pills result in hair loss

This is not completely true. Contraceptive pills can trigger hair thinning and in some cases, hair loss too. The good thing is that in most cases, thinning or hair loss is reversible. According to research studies, it has been revealed that not all women on birth control pills will be affected by thinning of hair and if they are, the degree of hair will vary from woman to woman. Regular intake of contraceptive pills causes the hair to move from the growth phase to the resting phase of the hair growth cycle too soon. Further, if baldness runs in your family, then contraceptive pills can speed hair thinning.

  1.    All hair loss is permanent

Not all hair loss is permanent. If stress, diet, or over-styling are the reason behind your hair loss, then your condition can be improved by changing some of your lifestyle habits. If the reason is your medical condition, then take the help of a healthcare specialist. But if the cause of your hair loss is genetic, then the hair loss is permanent. In such cases, the only way to regain growth is a hair loss treatment. Pentagon hair loss treatment works to regain your lost growth.

  1.    Washing your hair too much can cause falling of hair

It is important to be cautious about what chemicals our shampoo does contain, but every shampoo will not cause hair loss. Shedding of hair in the bathtub can be normal, or it can be due to hereditary hair loss. Shampooing does not damage the follicles.

  1.    Poor diet causes hair loss

If nutritional deficiency causes baldness, then people living in a rural area who are starving in poverty would exhibit the symptoms more than well-fed people. This is no evidence that can prove this case. However, it is believed that a diet rich in protein keeps hair strong and helps them look shiny and lustrous.

  1.    Towel drying your hair can cause hair loss

Irreversible hair loss is not caused by towel drying. Hair may fall because of the hair follicle cycle or if they are damaged but always grow back if the follicle is healthy. Hairs affected by hereditary hair won’t grow back. But as a precaution, make sure you are easy on the towel to prolong your hold on to the hair.

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