Cleanse While Quitting Smoking

Giving up smoking is one of the best decisions you can take for your health and to boost up this process you must consider cleansing to help your body recover. Here are a few effective ways to cleanse while quitting smoking. By quitting smoking, you decrease your risk of acquiring cardiovascular disease, pulmonary disease, certain types of cancer, and chronic infections. According to the American Cancer Society, tobacco smoke is estimated to contain over 4,000 different types of chemicals out of which more than 60 are carcinogens (cancer-causing agents). The process of detoxification is initiated by your body as soon as you quit smoking.

Water flushes out nicotine from your body. It is the body’s natural cleansing agent. It breaks down chemicals and carries them out of your body. Drinking lots of water daily will help in hydrating your body and boosting kidney function and therefore, speed up the removal and flushing out of toxins from your body. You should drink at least 6-8 full glasses of water daily.

Garlic is a wonderful cleansing agent for the removal of nicotine and harmful substances from the body. Garlic cloves contain allicin, which helps in clearing the lungs. You can cook with crushed garlic cloves, sauté with it and add to food, such as vegetables and meat.

Ginger Root
Ginger has many benefits and is a natural way to clear out the lungs. Ginger root can be purchased from the produce area of most supermarkets. Ginger root can be used to create a fresh natural ginger tea. It can also be added to your foods and salads. Ginger is also available in tablet or capsules form at your local health store.

Juicing is a form of detoxing. It removes toxins from your body. Juicing protects and prevents you from all sorts of disease related to smoking. You can create fresh fruit and vegetables juices with your juicer and blender. Fresh carrot, apple, celery, beet, tomato, and grape juices are great for cleansing the body. You can also buy 100% juices. Beet juice, asparagus juice, tomato juices and grapefruit juice help to get rid of the toxins from cigarette smoking.

High Fiber Foods
Fiber can help you get rid of the toxins that build up over time from smoking cigarette. It helps in the prevention of colon cancer. You can obtain fiber from foods like beans, raw green leafy vegetables, kale, carrots, peas, brown rice, cabbage, asparagus, and whole grains.

A Healthy Diet
Consume more green leafy vegetables, fruits, berries, apples, nuts, sunflower seeds and beans. Also, limit your intake of processed foods and fried foods.

Vitamin E and C
Smoking deprives your body of essential vitamins like vitamin C. To rebuild the store of Vitamin C you can drink orange juice and eat fruits that contain vitamin C. Smoking also depletes your body’s supply of vitamin E but eating a lot of dark leafy vegetables like collard greens, spinach, and kale will help restore it. Essentially, vitamin E guards your cells and organs from the harm done by the lewdness of smoking and nicotine.

Exercise Daily
Even a good brisk walk for 20 – 30 minutes daily will confer intense health benefits to your body. Exercise makes you sweat and sweat releases the toxins that have built up in your body due to cigarette smoking. Exercise also burns up the nicotine in your system and boosts your body’s metabolism rate. It raises body temperature and supply of oxygen. It also promotes healthy functioning of your immune system. Exercising frequently will also help detox your body of the damaging chemical load from cigarettes. Exercise improves circulation and cell regeneration. As you start exercising more you’ll begin to regain the lung capacity you lost while smoking.

As you follow these simple and practical tips, you’ll notice effects of smoking to fade away from your body and experience a huge difference in your body as your health is restored.

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