How to Quit Smoking?

First of all congratulations! Finally, you have decided to quit smoking. Your quitting days can be difficult, but to get rid of those difficult days you can check out the below-given tips and be confident about being able to quit the smoking habits.

Tips to Successfully Quit Smoking and Stay Smoke-Free

The journey of quitting smoking is not going to be easy; you should be dedicated to breaking your nicotine addiction this time. Here are a few tips to quit smoking that will not help you become smoke-free, but also keeps you motivated and on track:

    • Look at your current routine and avoid triggers
      Check your daily routine and identify the times you smoke, is it with a morning coffee, or after a meal. You will need to make changes accordingly and break your bad habit. If you have a habit of smoking while sipping morning coffee, switch to tea instead of your favourite hot cappuccino. If you do smoke after a meal, prefer going for a walk.

      It is also suggested to avoid smoker like office colleagues, cousins, and friends that people who would make you want to smoke. Still, if you feel unable to control your urge to smoking then have a piece of one clove. Have this clove piece for 10 minutes in your mouth and chew it later. This will give you the similar warmth and mind relaxation that you may feel while smoking.

    • Have patience, and the cravings will pass
      During the initial days of the quitting program, you will be anxious, your chest will feel tight, and you continuously be indicated by your brain that you need a cigarette to feel better.  Nicotine is what makes your job difficult. Your body needs nicotine that you have become dependent on, when you are deprived of it, your blood pressure and heart rate accelerate.

      The good thing is that nicotine cravings only last for three to five minutes whether you smoke cigarettes or not. Whenever cravings attack you, try to distract yourself by calling a friend, sipping a glass of water, taking deep breaths, using your mobiles or playing a game. Nicotine craving feels strongest during the early days if you quit. But don’t panic, if you got sudden cravings six months after you smoke last. Just ignore it.

    • Make yourself busy
      Many have the habit when they feel bored. Especially when you give up smoking, the period of boredom becomes long and difficult to handle. Stay busy to keep yourself distracted. Find ways to keep yourself busy, meditate, play with a pen or any toy to keep your hands busy. Go for a movie and spend some quality time with your loved ones who are non-smokers. Chew nicotine gums and keep your mouth busy. Nicotine gums are one of the best quit smoking products; this will help you stop smoking and keep your cravings away.
    • Drink water
      Experts say drinking will help flush out nicotine away from your body. Drink as much as the water you can stay hydrated. To avoid nicotine craving, you can sip a glass of cold water. Drinking water will also help you to stay away from eating unhealthy foods which could cause weight gain.
    • Be active
      Smoking can have a significant impact on the lungs. You might feel gasping for breath after running to catch a train or bus, or simply after climbing office stairs. Now when you have decided to stop smoking, include exercise in your daily routine. Get active, go for a walk daily and exercise your lungs. Replace your bad habit with running or brisk walking.
    • Avoid gaining extra kilos
      Weight gain is often associated with quitting smoking. Many people tend to eat more once they stopped smoking. Experts suggest eating a balanced diet at regular intervals of the day and snack on fruits and veggies between meals. As mentioned above, increase your water intake to hold on your hunger. Putting extra kilos means putting yourself at high risk of developing heart disease, blood pressure problems, stroke, diabetes, or cancer.

      Smoking is bad for health and offers zero benefits, stay away from it. You will definitely reach your goal by using these tips to quit smoking.

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