Dealing With Teen Acne Is Now Easy

Acne at any age can be quite distressing for most, especially for teenagers. However, teen acne needs to be dealt with the right attitude and some healthy habits. Here’s a list of tips that every teenager must diligently follow in order to achieve healthy skin that’s free from acne and blemishes.

Keep your face clean by washing it at least twice: Dirt and oil build-up can make you look greasy and eventually lead to breakouts. It is therefore essential to use a mild but effective cleanser to keep the face as clean as possible. Also, avoid the use of anything that has a coarse-texture, like a loofah.

Teen AcneRefrain from constantly touching your face: The idea of popping a pimple may seem tempting, but it can also lead to scars that may last forever. Constantly touching the face also causes harmful bacteria present in the hand to spread and can lead to an inflammation.

Eat healthy and keep yourself well hydrated: It’s no secret that a healthy diet that includes fruits, whole grains and vegetables can do wonders to your skin. If this is supplemented with 8-10 glasses of water then the benefits will be even more abundant. Water effectively clears the system and flushes away the toxins. So, ensure a good diet and consume enough water for best results.

Opt for fresh pillow covers every 3-4 days: Your pillow case is a breeding ground for bacteria and germs caused by sweat, dirt and dust. These germs have the potential to aggravate your pores, therefore it is essential to change your pillowcase every week.

Keep stress and bay and engage in relaxing activities: Stress does have the capability to create emotional and physical havoc, and can also lead to breakouts. It is therefore important to deal with stress by channeling your energies into relaxing activities like playing with a pet or practicing meditation.

Exercise: Not only does it lead to a fit body, but also relieves stress and optimizes blood flow. Regular exercise can help you maintain an optimum weight and considerably improve the appearance of your skin. However, ensure to bathe immediately after exercising to avoid clogged pores caused by sweat and dirt.

Keep the above tips in mind and make them a part of your everyday routine for acne free skin. Also, remember to not brood over the imperfections, and always focus on highlighting the positive traits of your personality.

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