All Facts About Breastfeeding You Must Know

Breast milk is the perfect food for an infant, full of essential nutrients, antibodies, and a perfect balance of fat and calories. Breastfeeding can be a rewarding and also a healthy experience for nursing mothers too.

Preparing to breastfeed takes times; the procedure required for research and support. Although breastfeeding is natural; it comes naturally to everyone.  Here are some facts that everyone should be aware of breastfeeding, including its benefits and as well as a complication associated with it.

Breastfeeding You Must Know

  • Breastfeeding reduces mom’s risk of breast cancer-Current studies revealed that premenopausal mom’s who breastfeed their growing babies were 50% less likely to develop breast cancer as compared to women who did not breastfeed their kids. This clinical research also assists a strong link between a woman’s duration of breastfeeding and her risk reduction rate, especially for those women who breastfeed their infant for more than a year. The research study also found that women who were breastfed as infants are less likely to develop breast cancer.
  • The size of the breast can’t determine the amount of milk it produces- Breast size is decided by the amount of fatty tissue they contain. Scientists do not believe that women with small breasts experience low milk production. Milk is produced in the mammary glands of every woman. The sizes of your breast have no impact on your ability to produce enough milk to feed your growing baby.
  • Breastfeeding can be difficult-You might think that breastfeeding is an easy and natural process for you and your tiny, wrinkly baby. For some, nursing comes easily without complications. But for other mom’s, it can be a real struggle. A mother who has just given birth often experience delayed success in breastfeeding if they received pain relief. Other factors that may contribute to a disrupting nursing experience are pain from a C section, a traumatic birth, early separation of an infant, improper latching, early introduction of bottles, male circumcision, and the use of pacifiers. Contact your health care specialist if you are facing difficulties while breastfeeding your child. He/she can prescribe you certain medication that can help you breastfeed. You can buy medicines online at a nominal price.
  • Your breasts become ultra sensitive while breastfeeding-When milk comes from your breasts, you can experience sensitivity. If you are not feeding your baby, your breasts may swell up, becoming heavy with milk. You can pump and store the extra production to help decrease the pain and swelling.
  • Babies can smell the scent of their mom’s breasts-In the newborn, the instinct to suck and root for food is inbuilt. But a stronger sense of smell helps a baby bond with his/her parents. A baby can smell not only the parents but also the smell of his/her mom’s milk. You can experience it by simply holding your baby near your chest; you will find your baby turns his/her head and root for your breast milk if hungry. This is something that nature has designed to build a strong nursing relationship.
  • The inability to produce enough milk to feed your baby is rare-Some women do not produce enough milk for their baby. The condition is rare and usually related to breast trauma, rapid weight loss, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), use of hormonal birth control, extreme calorie restriction, pregnancy, or hyperthyroidism. The condition can be improved. It is recommended for women with low milk production to encourage nursing even if the newborn has just been confronted with sucking. Other ideas to increase the milk production include increase calorie intake, drinking lots of water, getting more rest, pumping timely, taking a medication that can increase the milk supply. Common treatments include blessed thistle, oatmeal, alfalfa, and prescription medications such as Domperidone. You can get these medicines online at affordable rates. Make sure you consult your healthcare specialist before taking any medication to increase the milk production. There is no shame in taking medical help if you feel completely at a loss.


Breastfeeding is a unique process for both the mother and her baby. Some women face difficulties with milk supply while others can spray their baby’s face with the force of their breast milk. Breastfeeding a natural process that comes naturally. Most women are blessed with this nature’s gift. Moms who are not able to feed their babies can take medical help to increase their milk supply.

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