Foods That Boost Your Testosterone!

Male testosterone is associated with masculinity, energy, and a great sex drive. However, a decrease in its level can result in insomnia, reduced sexual function, inability to concentrate, and lack of strength. This prolonged condition can even lead to depression.

A healthcare professional can prescribe the best testosterone pills to treat the condition. Following testosterone treatment advice from a doctor could be a life-changing experience.

Prescribed gel or medicine can cure a “low T,” but luckily, some foods that increase testosterone can also be consumed by men to boost testosterone levels naturally. Find the following testosterone-boosting foods if you are looking to increase testosterone naturally:


Red grapes come packed with resveratrol that naturally increases testosterone and epididymal motility (the ability of your sperm to swim).


Widely considered an aphrodisiac, the zinc in oysters helps increase sperm production, testosterone, muscle growth, and physical endurance.

natural testosterone supplements


Various cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower, help your body eliminate excess estrogen and work as natural testosterone boosters.

Brazil Nuts:

These yummy nuts come packed with selenium; just 5-6 of them daily is enough to increase testosterone levels. It also contains calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, copper, and manganese, making it a superfood.

Cod liver oil:

Some of history’s fiercest warriors have vouched for cod liver oil as a potent testosterone-boosting agent. In addition to healthy fats, it comes packed with vitamins A and D, linked to increased testosterone.

testosterone boosting foods


Men looking for natural ways to boost testosterone must include eggs as they are rich in vitamin D. According to a study, men who consumed vitamin D regularly noticed a rise in their testosterone levels by 20 percent compared to a group that did not.

Natural test booster comes with rare or no side effects. Your doctor can also prescribe you some natural testosterone supplements.

While the testosterone food items mentioned above are great for enhancing virility and boosting testosterone production, some have the opposite effect. These include foods rich in carbs and high on the glycemic index. Therefore, men must avoid the same and ensure a diet with the right high protein and moderate-fat blend.

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