How to Get Harder Erections

Every man wants a harder erection that not only makes him feel satisfied with his body functions but also satisfies his lover. The quality of erection often becomes a concern for several men. No matter how big your penis is, without adequate hardness, your penis is not being used very effectively. This is not necessarily erectile dysfunction, though. A man’s erection is directly linked to his sense of masculinity. He may be a great lover, but if his penis is not as hard as it ideally should be, it influences his self-confidence. Harder erections are a more important factor than penis size.

Achieving an erection on arousal is a complicated procedure involving the heart, brain, nerves, blood vessels, and hormones. But majorly, it requires adequate blood flow to the penile muscles. So, how to get harder erections? You can get a stronger erection with certain natural remedies and erectile dysfunction medications that are particularly used to improve blood supply.

The secret to a stronger erectile dysfunction

How to get stronger erections? It is an eternal quest to enhance the stamina and strength of your penile erections. The market is flooded with numerous devices and erectile dysfunction medications that claim to improve erections, but very few help you get harder erections.

Here are some tips to help you maintain your erection

Health problems

The strength of your erection has often been an indicator of your health. Remember that an erection cannot happen if you do not have enough blood in your penis. If your erection is not hard enough, it can indicate health problems, such as circulatory problems and hormone deficiency.

Healthy diet

One of the most important factors for harder erections is a nutritious and healthy diet. The food that you consume has a direct impact on your body and your penis functions. Some foods that are good for your penis health are bananas, oatmeal, and spicy peppers.

Keep in mind fatty foods block arteries that reduce circulation in the body, including your penis. If you want a harder penis, include more vegetables and fruits. You wouldn’t want to gorge on oily and unhealthy foods if you knew you would be having sex soon after. Avoid red meat, processed foods, and sugar-rich foods; go with more veggies, fruits, and whole-grain food items. Men are advised to avoid large meals before having sex because eating big meals can divert blood flow towards digesting your food, making you less likely to achieve an erection. Also, avoid heavy meals when you are taking erectile dysfunction medications.

Correct position

Right positioning during physical intimacy is important to maximize and improve erections.

Reduce stress

One of the common reasons for erectile dysfunction is stress. Stress can be a big damper if you seek a strong erection. Stress increases cholesterol and high blood pressure, which can result in heart disease.

Laptop usage

Keeping the laptop on your lap and using it can harm your penis. Several studies have shown that the heat from the machine when you keep it on your lap can cause a great deal of harm to your sperm production and erections. It is best to keep your laptop on your desk to use it.


Medications for depression, anxiety, OCD, and social phobia are common. However, these medicines can wreak havoc on your erection. If you are under treatment for any of the above-mentioned conditions, consult your doctor to ensure the dosage is not high enough to hamper your sex life.

Gum disease

Gum disease can be a cause of erectile dysfunction. Keeping your mouth clean and disease-free is important, as some studies have found a link between erection problems and gum diseases.

Daily exercises

Nothing can beat a daily exercise regimen for boosting your sex life. Penis exercises are meant to encourage blood flow into the penis. Some exercises also help strengthen the skeletal muscles, essential for harder erections. Exercise your abdominal muscles, too, enabling them to support and hold your erection for a longer time. Also, being fit and healthy will boost your confidence, which can work wonders for your sex life. You can also try some Kegel exercises that can help strengthen your penis.

Smoking and drinking

Erection problems have been largely linked with smoking and drinking. Smoking constricts your veins and capillaries, which decreases blood flow to all body parts, including the penis. Drinking and drugs can also contribute to softer erections. Quit this right away to improve erections.


Many effective herbal supplements are available in the market that can give you a hard penis. The supplements typically have a host of ingredients that help enhance circulation.

Avoid masturbation

Save your erections for when you are with your partner. If it has been quite a while since you have had an orgasm, your body might be eager for a release resulting in harder erections.

Follow the above-mentioned natural ED treatments to improve erections. If you are still unable to achieve your desired hardness, and if you are concerned about your erection strength or looking for a permanent erectile dysfunction cure, it can be helpful to consult your doctor. He can examine you thoroughly to see the root cause of the problem and prescribe a treatment method that suits your condition.

Commonly, ED medications are prescribed to treat mild to moderate cases of sexual conditions. Sildenafil is one of the best ED medications that help you achieve the hard erection required for satisfactory sex. Your health care specialist may advise you to use other erectile dysfunction medications like tadalafil and vardenafil to improve your erection.

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