How to stop panic attacks

Panic attacks typically begin when there is excessive stress in life. It can be a build-up of several things. How to cure panic attacks fast? Well, there are several ways to overcome panic attacks.

What is panic attack? A panic attack happens when adrenaline gets released into the bloodstream. It can be a very frightening experience that can make you feel like you are losing control or dying. Almost everyone experiences such attacks at least once or twice in their lifetime, but some others have recurrent episodes of such attacks; this can indicate a condition known as panic disorder.

A panic attack is best described as the sudden, intense onset of fear for no apparent reason. Physical symptoms often accompany it, including sweating, heartbeats, and fast breathing.

Symptoms of panic attack

Some of the common symptoms of panic attacks include: 

  1. Discomfort or chest pain
  2. Faintness or dizziness
  3. Fear of an impending doom
  4. Feeling unreal
  5. Trembling
  6. Numbness and feeling of choking
  7. Nausea

How to overcome a panic attack or How to calm anxiety attacks?

Some steps can be taken to stop a panic attack and prevent further such attacks.

  1. Control your breath

How to treat panic attacks at home? Rapid breathing is one of the common symptoms of panic attacks. When you control your breathing, you can enable your heartbeat to come back to normal. It will also help reduce your blood pressure and make you feel in control once again.

To slow your breathing, you can take a deep breath and hold it for as long as possible before releasing it slowly. Do it several times till you begin to feel steady. It also helps to balance the carbon dioxide and oxygen and eliminate the feelings of suffocation.
The next breathing technique you can practice is deep diaphragmic breathing, wherein you inhale deeply and slowly and breathe out even more slowly.

  1. Take medication

How to deal with anxiety attacks? When under a panic attack, taking anti-anxiety medications can be helpful. There are quite a few drugs available in the market that are used in panic disorder treatment. These agents can help to get rid of the symptoms within 30 minutes.

  1. Stop negative thinking

If you wonder how to deal with panic attacks, then the first thing that you should do is avoid overthinking. People who are under a panic attack are often consumed with doom thoughts. You can stop this endless loop of negative thinking by shouting the word “STOP!” inside your head. This helps to interrupt the scary messages running about in your mind and replace them with calm thoughts. This is one of the common panic attack treatments at home.

  1. Carry on with your routine

Though it might seem difficult, it will help you to go about your normal activities. This will keep the panic attack from consuming you. Continue doing your normal movements, including walking and talking – all these will signal to your brain that everything is normal and under control.

how to stop panic attacks fast

  1. Do not run away

How to stop panic attacks fast outside your house? If you get a panic attack outside your house, you might feel like running away from there. Instead, try to stay there; this will signal your brain not to get into fight or flight mode when there is no real danger. If you run away from there, your brain will start creating panic every time you are in that place.

  1. Focus on other activities.

There are several ways to calm anxiety attacks. You can do several things to take your mind away from the attack. You can talk to a friend, listen to music, drink something, watch TV, do a puzzle, engage in exercises, and read something.

  1. Relaxation exercises

How to deal with panic attacks at home? Well, if you suffer repeatedly from panic attacks, you can work with a therapist to learn some relaxation exercises to help calm down. Practicing relaxation techniques is the best panic attack treatment.

Thousands of people struggle with panic attack issues every day. Dealing with it requires commitment. Most people would want to stop anxiety and panic attacks as soon as possible, but this has been accumulated through several years of experience and your mental makeup. It is not possible to just turn it off in one go. Following these techniques can help to control anxiety considerably and will make your panic attacks far more manageable.

Repeated panic attacks may signify underlying medical conditions. If you are wondering how to stop an anxiety attack, consult your doctor to find the real reason for the attacks and seek treatment. Getting medical help as early as possible is best, as delaying it may lead to further complications. Sit with your doctor to find the best methods for you and stick to them for positive results.

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