Overweight Can Also Be Physically Fit: A New Research Finding

We often think that slim people are healthier and fitter than fat. But, this is just a misconception while research studies have proved that an overweight can also be both healthy and active. So, obesity treatment is only for those who have accumulated weight beyond a limit.

obesity medication

Plus size people are frequently found in workplaces and their production capacity and efficiency cannot be questioned. I have observed many overweight people receiving high accolades from their employers. Their oversize has become a part of their lifestyle, and they don’t qualm for that. For them, an obesity medication and effects of obesity have nothing to do with a state of mind. What a frivolous and healthy way of living, I like it most!

Fit and fat – Myth and Fact:
It’s not a breaking news, but a simple reality – fat but fit. The idea of thin-is-fine has been creating a lot hype by the media. They have built the idea that those who are thinner, they’ll be happier and more successful than obese. Though, the reality is something different.

There is no mystery as the conclusion drawn from the research and BMI (Body Mass Index) corroborates the fact that your weight has to be according to your height, whatever it is. The BMI over 30 is a cause of concern that requires obesity prevention measures, but if you are a tad below that, then you can proudly say ‘you are physically fit’. You also have to clear the misunderstanding between overweight and obesity. Your BMI between 25 and 30 is considered to be overweight, while below 18 indicates underweight. The scientific research studies suggest that if someone is overweight, it doesn’t mean he or she is unhealthy or unfit.

Weight matters:
If you have seen wrestlers, bouncers or rugby players; most of them carry huge muscles and bulky physique. But they cannot be categorized as fat or unfit. I think, your body mass has to be maintained in the proportion of your height. Just some extra body fat cannot be a cause of obesity or oversize. A dashing personality is not necessary to be thin, but healthy and active. A bigger size also brings confidence and makes an attractive persona.
Avoid obesity:
People should be more concerned with their body fat and excessive caloric intake, which automatically brings a lot of health problems. If your fat level is more than your body height, it makes the condition more complicated. Obesity can also be realized by its side-effects. If you have accumulated some extra fat, but you are not suffering from hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol levels, or any such liver and kidney-related problems, you can call yourself absolutely hale and hearty. But, your weight beyond a certain limit requires obesity treatment, as it can anytime hit your normal body function. So, avoid being obese, but retain a fit body.

Time to change the concept towards overweight:
In the puzzle of fat and fitness we immediately imagine the work style of slim and thin person against a weighty one. Most of the people go with slim, but the fact is – weighing a bit more may bring you some health benefits. Don’t mix the benefits of plus size with the obesity effects which may be horrible.

Obesity paradox:
Some of health experts believe that extra pound is not a time bomb that will burst your normal life. A recent research study published in the Journal of American Medical Association claims that overweight or mildly obese condition prevents the greatest health risk. The extra weight you carry helps to decrease the osteoporosis, makes your bones stronger and, one more reality check, declines mortality as compared to underweight people. So, don’t rush for the obesity medication if it’s fairly under control.

Overweight but healthy:
Your waistline is a good reflector of healthy physique. For men, the waist size less than 35 inches and for women, less up to 40 inches is not worrisome. Furthermore, those who are away from the health problems like high blood sugar, high cholesterol, depression, joint pain, etc. are stated to be healthy even with some extra weight. They can find it easy to get rid of the effects of obesity.

Don’t be too big to exercise:
Some experts believe that a body of obese athlete becomes much stronger if it properly utilizes its weight. Your extra pound helps to develop good muscles and resists some cardiovascular diseases. As excessive fat is the main cause of obesity, you have sweat it out regularly in the gym and do some running exercise to burn the extra calories.

As long as your body allows carrying extra weight without distorting your body function, you are fit. The obsession for the slim body figure is not new, but just being overweight is not a sign of sluggishness. You don’t need to take any obesity medication just because you have accumulated some extra pounds. It’s very common and, natural obesity treatment is sufficient to keep your body in the proper mould. So, being fat is not as important as being fit. You get it!

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