Signs of Sexual Dysfunction in Women

Sexual dysfunction issues are usual these days, affecting around half of the women population. Sexual dysfunction disorder takes into account complications with desire, arousal, orgasm, and resolution. If you are facing such problems, it’s crucial to consult your doctor as this could be a sign of some other health complexities.

There are various causes of emerging sexual problems. Some issues originate from a simple, reversible physical problem while others from more serious medical conditions, crucial life situations, or emotional obstacles.

Signs of Sexual Dysfunction in Women

Relationship problems like distribution of labor, childbearing or money also some emotional problems like depression, anxiety, stress, resentment and guilt can induce a woman’s sexual function. A woman’s lack of knowledge and poor communication between partners about sexual stimulation and response may also be a culprit in such cases.

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Sexual Dysfunction Disorders

The sexual dysfunction issues are listed below along with what can be done to resolve them:

  • Vaginal Dryness- It is caused due to hormonal changes that develop during breastfeeding or menopause. Many studies also confirmed that most of the postmenopausal women experience vaginal dryness.

It can be dealt with OTC lubricants before and during intercourse, also moisturizers can be used to maintain the nourishment.

  • Low Desire- This issue is not only to the older women, half of females aged from 30 to 50 are also distressed from lack of cupidity. Low libido can be caused by numerous issues, including medical complexities like diabetes and low blood pressure, or psychological problems like depression or unhappiness in your relationship.

There is no general solution to raise libido. If the root cause is emotional or psychological, doctors may recommend visiting a therapist.

  • Painful Sex- Number of women report pain during sex. It can be due to vaginal dryness or may be an indication of a medical problem, like ovarian cysts or endometriosis, or it might also be related to vaginismus, i.e., a condition in which vagina tightens involuntarily when penetrated.

The Healthcare provider needs to be consulted for medical issues like ovarian cysts, endometriosis, or vaginismus and if these are not the causes, then he/she may recommend pelvic floor physical therapy, medication or surgery to treat the cause of pain.

  • Arousal problems- It can be caused out of various reasons like anxiety or inadequate stimulation. Even if dryness or pain is experienced during sex, it can lead to difficulties in turning on.

Your health care provider can help you connect with the righteous treatment to accord with the problem, whether that’s pursuing sexual therapy, medication or treatment for your partner’s problem.

  • Trouble Reaching Orgasm- Some of the premenopausal women experience this problem. Along with hormone changes, anxiety, insufficient foreplay, certain medications and chronic diseases lead to an inability to reach orgasm.

Some sex researchers suggest that being mindful during sex in regard to the sensations can make it easier to reach orgasm. Adding a vibrator can also be fruitful to your sexual repertoire.

Sexual Dysfunction Treatment

It is a problem only if it bothers you, otherwise it doesn’t need treatment Sexual dysfunction in women has many possible symptoms and causes, accordingly, its treatment varies. To rule out this issue doctors recommends to initiate with the following strategies:

  • Open Communication- Talking about your likes and dislikes or providing feedback and vice-a-versa in a healthy manner sets the stage to greater intimacy.
  • Opt For A Healthy Lifestyle- Reduce alcohol consumption, be physically active and learn ways to combat stress in order to elevate your mood and focus on your sexual pleasure.
  • Specialized Counseling- Discuss with a counselor or therapist regarding these issues. It will provide knowledge on how to optimize body’s sexual response, ways to enhance intimacy and couple exercises.
  • Use A Lubricant- Vaginal dryness or pain during sex can be controlled by a vaginal lubricant.
  • Try A Device- Using a vibrator can boost arousal with stimulation of the clitoris.

Doctor might recommend the following:

  • Avoid medicines having sexual side effects.
  • Treatment of thyroid problem or other hormonal condition.
  • Advanced treatment for depression and anxiety.
  • Strategies for relieving pelvic pain or other pain issues.

Hormonal Sexual Dysfunction Treatment includes:

  • Estrogen Therapy
  • Androgen Therapy

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Prevention tips for Sexual Dysfunction in Women

  • Look after overall health, i.e., physical health and emotional health.
  • Communicate regularly with your partner about your needs and desires.
  • Use plenty of lubricant for your vagina to avoid dryness and painful sex.

Avoid expectations of great sexual performance and enjoy tenderness and closeness.

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