Top 9 Reasons for Hair Loss in Women

The look and condition of your hair is a mirror of your personality as well as a sign of your youthfulness. Your hairstyle can certainly add panache to your persona. If thick and naturally shiny hair can make you look amazing, pattern or complete baldness can shatter you emotionally on the other. That’s why it is disheartening to see hair strands losing constantly. There are various reasons for hair loss in women, of which hormonal disorder is perhaps the sheerest factor.

The hair loss solutions like Finpecia 1mg tablets can significantly reverse the condition to a great extent. People experiencing hair loss should consider its causes seriously in order to overcome them.

hiar loss in woman

Prominent Causes of Hair Loss:

We all like flaunt dense, shiny and thick hairstyle. However, everyone does not have this pleasure for long. Both male and female experience pattern baldness and it is very common to see. We wonder if this condition is natural or there is a particular factor for causing it. We wish to reverse the condition, for that we try different solutions if not satisfied with just one.

Experts have found various prominent factors that cause hair loss and pattern baldness. Here, we have listed some of those underlying causes and solutions to give you a better understanding of hair loss.

  1. Deficiency of Key Nutrients

Various nutrients and minerals form hair and it is a continuous process. These elements are carried via the blood to the scalp. If your body is deficient of key nutrients and minerals, it will affect the formation of hair strands and the strength of hair follicles. One has to understand that hair is not essential for survival but it could be an indication of fertility and health condition of a woman. More nutritious products you eat, the better the hair health you achieve. Your diet choices tell how nutrition cautious you are. Those who want to re-grow hair should concentrate more on the nutritious diet.

Processed foods are notorious for carrying minimum or no nutrients and minerals. They don’t have potential nutrients needed for supplying energy and cellular growth. Therefore, you should take macro-nutrients through nutritional foods and green veg to maintain healthy hair

  1. Alcohol

Similarly, alcohol drinking disrupts the oxygen supply to the body. Excess of alcohol consumption can make hair follicles dry and weak so that you can lose them easily. Alcohol can also disrupt hormonal balance in the body that can be a cause for hair fall. Finpecia 1mg tablets are formulated as a reductase inhibitor that reduces the production of a particular hormone in the body that stops hair growth.

  1. Smoking

Likewise alcohol, smoking also disrupts the hair growth. Excess smoking makes hair follicles dry and rough and due to this many people suffer with dandruff issues too. Smoking makes scalp very dry that makes hair fall happen.

  1. Use of Chemical Shampoos and Hair Dryer

The application of chemical-laden shampoos and a hair dryer can become a cause of concern for the hair over time. The harsh chemicals available in hair care products like shampoos and conditioners can damage hair follicles and scalp. It may lead to the gradual decay of hair strength. It is better to use herbal products that are made from natural substances to take care of hair strands.

  1. Stress Causes Hair Loss

Stress is one of the leading causes of hair fall. In this condition, people don’t breathe at their full capacity and this condition can further disturb the normal supply of oxygen to the blood. It eventually lowers oxygenation of the blood, restricting the growth of hair follicles. Therefore, people living in persistent stress are at higher risk of pattern baldness. This mental state can cause hormonal disorder associated with the higher incidence of hair loss. One can take Finpecia 1mg tablets to deal with such hormonal disorder. It is a 5-alpha-reductase inhibitor useful to reverse the balding process by preventing hair loss.

  1. Pregnancy

Pregnant women undergo a lot of physical and mental stress that can cause hair loss. In this condition, hormonal imbalance in the body is commonly found. Usually, pregnancy-related hair loss remains for a short period and it disappears after delivery.

  1. Heredity

Hair loss or pattern baldness is greatly inherited from the blood relatives. If any of your parents have pattern baldness, there are more chances you experience the same condition after a certain age. Both men and women may benefit from Finpecia 1mg tablets as it can counter the hereditary effects to a good extent and delay the trend of hair loss.

  1. Lifestyle:

Good lifestyle is an important factor to make our body fit.  In today’s life people struggle a lot to lead their life happily. Good diet, sound sleep, and daily workout make life easy to co-op with some unwanted health issues.

  1. Skin Problem of Scalp:

Unhealthy scalp is also one of the big reasons of hair thinning and hair falling. Therefore, it is important to get checked your scalp with a dermatologist if you feel that your scalp in not healthy.

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