Women’s Day Special: Self-Care Tips For Women To Prioritize Personal Hygiene

Woman using moisturizer on face


Self-care means allowing yourself to indulge in activities of your daily life that help you live better and boost your physical and mental health. Self-care and mental health go hand in hand; self-care can help you manage stress, reduce the risk of illness, boost energy, and improve mental health.

Following simple self-care and wellbeing tips like cleaning your hair, wearing clean clothes, brushing your teeth, and eating healthy foods can greatly impact you. Caring for ourselves helps highlight whether there is a need to pay attention to something specific. Developing a routine is a good way to prioritize self-care; personal hygiene is part of a self-care routine. As women, we harbor key roles, so we need to take care of personal hygiene as we are the ones who carry the responsibility of keeping a family safe and happy. Many activities for women are a part of staying healthy and being their best selves.

Self-care checklist for women

In this blog, you will learn basic yet extremely pivotal personal hygiene self-care tips for women that can change your entire health game, making you healthy and super active in the long run. So, let’s get to know some really important self-care and wellness tips that every woman must follow:

1. Wear clean clothes – Wearing clean clothes should be your top priority when maintaining personal hygiene. Your clothes can be the carrier for germs and, if not washed daily, can become an agent for contamination. Also, make sure you wear a fresh pair of clothes each day. This includes changing your inner wears, which can become a breeding ground for germs if left unchanged. Clothes may also contain sweat that may bring several serious skin disorders. Hence it is important to wash them every time after use.  

2. Bathe/wash body – The body must be washed to eliminate odor and bacteria. Also, a daily bathing routine helps you to be fresh and energetic. Don’t use soap; use a mild shower gel to remove accumulated impurities from the body. You can also include occasional exfoliation to achieve clear and smooth skin in your bathing routine. Also, be sure to replace the towel you use daily for hygiene. After sweating it out at the gym, it becomes imperative to take a bath. If a shower isn’t available, clean your face and wash your body with a washcloth.

3. Oral health/brushing teeth – Our teeth carry germs and bacteria from consuming various food items. Hence, maintaining good oral hygiene helps safeguards the teeth and gums, making you less likely to get a dental infection and cavities. Poor oral health can affect your overall health by affecting your immune system. Brush your teeth at least once daily; twice daily is a better option. Also, dental floss can remove dental debris usually stuck deep inside the mouth. Do not forget to clean your tongue daily as there are chances that bacteria are present, particularly on the top of the tongue.  

4. Hair removal for clean skin – For all women, irrespective of what dress they wear or what they do, it is a must to clean their body hair regularly. If waxing is painful, you can shave your underarms, hands, and legs to get smooth and glowing skin. Make sure you change your razors to avoid infections. Use a good moisturizer after shaving to keep your skin hydrated. For pubic hair removal, it is better not to pick shaving; instead, choose Brazilian waxing. Women who have facial hair growth should go for facial hair removal.  

5. Take care of your menstrual hygiene – Cleaning down there is crucial and should not be taken lightly. Do not use harsh soaps for vaginal cleaning; use feminine washes for twice daily cleaning of the vaginal area. Your vagina has a different pH than the rest of your body. Also, the vagina produces natural oils, so avoiding excessive washing as soaps may remove the protective barrier from the skin. Furthermore, wear panty liners fully made of cotton that helps vaginal secretion evaporate easily. Women should consume lots of fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of water to keep vaginal discharges to have a well-balanced pH level.

6. Mood boost – Self-care and wellness are also about building confidence. Boost your mental health with a little exercise or by dancing to music. Ensure your routine includes something you enjoy doing that helps you feel good in your skin. Following these basic mental health tips will help boost your overall health.

Irrespective of one’s gender, personal hygiene plays an important role in influencing one’s overall health, and that’s why we all should be given top priority. A healthy person also has a sound mind to productivity all day. Self-care is crucial to our mental health wellness. The attention and care that we offer ourselves help promote mind-body health. Implement these wellbeing tips to lead a healthy and beautiful life.

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