Workout tips That Will Help You Burn More Calories

When you hear that ‘lean is always in’ then you might wonder that how people workout enough to maintain their lean shape and how they maintain to look fit all the time. Use these workout tips to get the best results in less time.

workout tips

If you are trying very hard to lose weight, spending hours in the gym and walking miles, but still you are not able to lose those extra kilos then you might be doing it all wrong. Although the tasks taken are right, there is always a perfect way to do something. You need to follow the tips given below so that you can get more calories burnt from the fitness workouts.

1. Swing your arms:
Turn your simple walk into a whole body fitness workout by swinging your arms while you stride. Bend your elbows to 90 degrees and pump your arms. This kind of movement will speed up the walking, and you might be able to burn 15% more calories then you might have burnt during the normal walk.

2. Listen to music:
According to the studies done by West London’s Brunel University, it is very necessary that you engage in listening to good music as you workout, as it increases at least 20% longer time, and, you burn more calories than you would have normally done. According to the researchers music is good for the soul, it is good to fight fatigue, bring the feeling of vigour and it also helps to pace up the movements of our fitness workouts.

3. Lift some extra weight:
During a workout regimen try to lift heavier weights than increasing the number turns of lighter weights. It’s a very basic tip often miscalculated by the new gym-goers. For example, those who would workout by lifting 20 pounds for five times will burn at least 25% more calories than those who would lift 10 pounds of weight ten times, it is because heavy dumbbells cause more breakdown of proteins in the muscles; hence, your body has to use more energy to repair and recover resulting in losing more calories.

4. Do circuit exercises more:
Instead of doing 2-3 sets of a single exercise try to do a circuit exercise that comprises of 3-4 different types of exercise done in series with 30 seconds of rest in between each exercise. This type of circuit is repeated 2-3 times. The weight trainers believe that circuit training burns as much as twice the amount of calories that is burnt with strength training (three sets of 6 exercise done with 2 minutes of rest in between).

5. Leave the treadmill behind:
Trade your treadmill for the beautiful and fresh surrounding to workout. This kind of fitness workout will give your enthusiasm a boost to work even harder. It is proven through various studies that the exercise-doer can loose as much as 10% more calories by outdoor running or jogging then they can do with treadmill running indoors. The outdoor surroundings can pamper the energies that can be utilised to workout longer.

Also, the running against the wind direction and other environmental things can push you harder to lose calories.

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6. Choose inclined treadmill run, if bound indoors:
If due to any reasons you are not able to maintain running outdoors, you can crank up your treadmill run by inclining the treadmill. It will help you to firm the derriere and also increase the calorie breakdown up to 60%. For a proper treadmill run you should follow the guidelines:

• Do not lean forward while on inclined run, always keep your posture upright
• Start slowly with a 5-minute slow walk followed by 5-minute run and then slowly pace up the exercise
• Do alternate five-minute hill/inclined running with five-minute level walking
• In the beginning don’t go for big inclinations, small inclinations of 1% are enough in the beginning

7. Do cardio exercises for at least 12 minutes:
For a good weight loss exercise, it is necessary to do cardio exercises. These exercises will help you to fight off more calories. You require at least 12 minutes of non-stop cardio exercise from moderate to high-intensity levels. It will improve body’s ability to produce more oxygen and increase the amount of fat burning enzymes in the body such as lipase enzymes.

8. Cut down your workouts into halves:
According to many researchers, people who did high intensity of fitness workout lost calories much faster than those people who did low-intensity activity for the longer time.

So, it is better to work out half the time with high-intensity levels.

9. Always stretch after exercise:
Stretching is a very major part of any workout regimen. You should never forget to stretch your muscles as doing it prepares your muscles for the exercises and also helps to recover from the workout done. So, it is one of the most common workout tips given to beginners who join the gym.

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