5 Home Remedies to Control Symptoms of Asthma

Home remedies are not often discussed with health care specialists, but it is widely used these days, especially for people with chronic diseases like asthma. A natural therapy is a good choice for people who fear the adverse effects of steroids and other common asthma medications. Such people practices more natural ways to cure asthma.

Herbs are the most commonly used alternative treatment for asthma. Whether they are raw or purified, modern or ancient, herbs work biochemically just like a standard asthma medications do.

5 Home Remedies to Control Symptoms of Asthma

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Herbal Remedies to treat Asthma

Like pharmaceutical drugs, herbal remedies act for asthma cure through a variety of mechanisms. Some have the potential to decrease inflammation while others have the ability to soothe irritated airways, dry secretions, or relieve bronchospasm. Herbal ingredients are used alone and in combination with asthma medications. These herbs are 100% natural hence are not toxic and plays a significant role in healing a variety of health issues. They can be safely incorporated into a medicinal plan of an asthma patient and are unlikely to interact negatively with standard treatments.

    • Coffee and Tea- Coffee has been the treatment of choice for asthma management since the 1800s. Research studies support a relationship between coffee intake and reduced asthma symptoms that may be mediated through coffee’s xanthine content. Coffee has caffeine, which is believed to chemically associated with theophylline. Like theophylline, Caffeine is also known to increase intracellular cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP) as a result of that it relaxes bronchial smooth muscles. According to studies, those were conducted to see the positive effects of caffeine in asthma patients; it was determined that adults who drank two to three cups of coffee per day had reduced as the symptoms by 25% as compared to adults who abstained. The data support a dose effect linked to coffee intake and a reduced risk of respiratory symptoms.
    • Onions (Allium cepa)-  Folk medicines around the world utilize onion extract to treat common health problems like asthma. The crude onion extract is effective in reducing bronchoconstriction. The natural ingredient is safe to include in a regular diet plan, and it is well tolerated. Chances of occurring a hypersensitivity reaction are rare. Onions are enriched with anti-inflammatory properties and are extremely beneficial in clearing the constriction of the airways in asthmatic patients. The herbal component is composed of sulphur contents which are useful in reducing the lung inflammation. An individual suffering from asthma must eat two to three pieces of it to open up their blocked airways and to breathe easily. One can also add on onion pieces in his/her regular vegetable salad to get rid of blocked lungs.
    • Salmon- Salmon, is considered as a fatty fish, it contains omega 3 fatty acids. These fatty acids help the lungs to react better to irritants in an asthmatic person and also help prevent asthma in people who have never had an attack. According to a research study, it has been found that children who eat fish once a week are less likely to have asthma as compared to children who don’t eat fish. Furthermore, researchers discovered that who took fish oil supplements had increased the ability to avoid a severe asthma attack.
    • Honey-  Honey is often considered as a sweet treat, we often add to our tea and salad to provide a sweet taste to our recipe. Honey is a very well known ingredient used to treat common health issues such as coughing and also soothe the mucous membrane. It can’t be said that Honey cures asthma; it only helps in alleviating some of the asthma symptoms in combination with asthma medicine. The herbal ingredient can allow everyone to get a good night’s sleep.
    • Eucalyptus oil- If you are looking for a safe remedy to cure asthma during pregnancy, do not miss out eucalyptus oil. The natural extract is helpful in clearing air passage and control asthma.
    • Turmeric- A very well know ingredient considered to use for its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. It works great to treat asthma and wheezing in pregnancy. The natural ingredient efficiently reduces inflammation in the air passages and clears obstruction to breathe properly.  It is one of the best household ingredients that can be used for asthma care.

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