6 Common Causes of Oily Skin

For the beautiful ladies, oily skin is the worst nightmare, as the extra oil reduces the charm of the face. Everyone has some oil in their skin, some have more and some have less. Here, the question is how and from where the skin produces oil? Well under each pore there is a sebaceous gland that produces a natural oil called sebum. It is a waxy, oily substance that keeps skin hydrated and protected. Unfortunately, few skins produce extra oil which makes skin oilier.

Oily Skin Types

Usually, the skin has many types but in the oily skin, we have two types completely oily and the combination skin. Respectively, complete oily skin is those who have often shine on their face, large pores, breakout are very much visible whereas in combination skin only the T-zone is effected rest cheeks, chin and other parts of face either remain dry or it normal skin type.

Oily Skin- Causes and Signs

There are some simple signs of oily skin like greasy and shiny look, blackheads, open pores, an eruption of acne and pimples, etc. Our lifestyle, seasonal changes, pollution, dirt dust, diet are some of the root causes of oily skin.

    1. Stress– Anxiety and stress is an issue for many diseases, so as for oily skin when you take too much of stress, the body increases the level of stress hormone. This caused an increase in oil, which increases pimple, pores, and cracks.
    2. Genetic- Genetic genes contribute to this skin type condition automatically. Many experts say there are many times higher risk of getting oily skin from first-degree relatives.
    3. Diet– Unhealthy diet make your skin dull and steal the glow. Eating a healthy diet is always good for the skin and body. Expert advice to take proper diet, adding sufficient protein, nuts can give you healthy and glowing skin.
    4. Change in season– Change of season or weather directly affects the skin, winter gives dryness, summer gives oily skin.
    5. Aging- Growing older is always beneficial but not for everyone, there are people who even in older age usually deal with pimples, skin cracks, etc due to oily skin.
    6. Makeup – Wearing make on oily skin is the most difficult task. Oily skin does not let make up stay for long. It’s important to use a non-Comedogenic product or oil-free labelled product to let stays it on your skin to look beautiful.

Oily Skin- Prevention

Using good toner, scrub, and an application of right sunscreen is the easy method to prevent oily skin. Add more of face masks like the use of clay, honey, oatmeal.

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