7 tricks to age proof your skin!

Yes, age proofing your skin is possible! And no, you don’t need to burn a hole in your pocket to achieve that. Most of us underestimate the power of healthy habits and natural skin care routine. But women with flawless skin will agree that some not-so-secret foods and techniques are more potent than cosmetics in helping you achieve youthful and radiant skin.

7 tricks to age proof your skin

Here we present you with our list of 7 natural beauty and skin care tips that actually work!

1. Use the magic of your fingertips: Simple skin patting techniques are one of the best ways to rejuvenate your face when it feels dull and exhausted. When done correctly, it can improve blood flow around the face resulting in a fresher appearance, and also simultaneously tones the face muscles.

Start by patting your fingers in an upward motion at the top of the cheek bones. Then move quickly towards the nose, then back to the cheek bones. You can then slowly move your fingers around the temples and upwards across the brows. For best results, follow this process with some of your favorite moisturizers and apply it around the neck and face using upward strokes.

2. Try to sleep straight and on your back!: According to the American Academy of Dermatology, doing so can help you delay the wrinkles. This is because sleeping in the same position is believed to cause wrinkles that do not vanish once you’re up. Also, sleeping face down can lead to a furrowed brow, while sleeping on your side can result in wrinkles on the chin and cheeks.

3. Facial massage is a must: It is extremely essential to provide you face with gentle massages as it helps rejuvenate and stimulate your skin’s fibroblasts (connective cells). This helps release collagen and restores loss of elasticity caused due to aging. Ensure a five minute massage every night using your favorite night cream for best results.

4. Keep white bread at bay: The conclusions of a recent Australian study proved that a Low-Glycemic Index Diet helped in decreasing the appearance of spots. This simply means that one must focus on staying away from white refined carbs such as bread, cereal and pasta, and instead opt for wholemeal varieties.

5.Use sunscreen, and slather it the right way!: It’s no secret that using a sunscreen is a sure shot way to protect and nourish your skin. Its regular usage is also helpful in removing tan and for revealing a brighter complexion. However, one must ensure that it is applied generously and evenly on the entire face and neck. This is because studies have shown that right-handed people tend to use more sunscreen on the left side of their body than their right, and vice-versa. So, always ensure an even coverage.

6. Red wine for a youthful skin: The trick is to not overdo it, for the obvious reasons! However, the intake of red wine in moderation can be extremely beneficial in maintaining a youthful complexion as it comes loaded with resveratrol – one of the most powerful anti-aging antioxidants! There are several studies that suggest its potency in fighting damaging free-radicals.

7. Love fish!: It is extremely essential to understand that healthy fats are required by the body to maintain good skin and hair. Therefore, one must ensure a diet that’s rich in omega-3 fats. One of the best ways to do this is by including salmon and other oily fish in your everyday diet. Even US dermatologists vouch for the many benefits of omega-3 fatty acids, that includes reducing skin inflammation that is responsible for sagging and wrinkles.

Many women find themselves wondering how to get flawless skin and how to flaunt the perfect skin. What they fail to realize is that this is very much achievable by making simple diet changes, regular exercise and by leading a stress-free life. Also, following the above mentioned tips is sure to help you achieve your dream of having healthy and beautiful skin.

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