Best Natural Home Remedies for Anti Constipation

The human digestive system is a complicated and delicate mechanism that needs to be taken care of properly. Presently the gastric issues are very normal. The gastrointestinal problem has increased since the last couple of years. Without proper care, important nutrients and minerals cannot help you in smooth bowel movement. Being constipated is the worse not only due to pain but it can make you feel uncomfortable too. Anti-Constipation is largely caused by not having enough water and fiber in your body as well as stress,  and lack of sleep is also a reason for constipation.


The reason for such gastrointestinal problems is also overconsumption of liquor and stress. The constipated affected people must avoid by changing their lifestyle. Anti-Constipation and gastrointestinal problems are treatable by following simple home remedies, keep on reading the page to know the best natural home remedies to relieve constipation.

Find here are the best natural home remedies to relieve constipation:

  • Drink lots of plain water and stay hydrated – By keeping yourself hydrated you can somewhat get relief from constipation. Drink enough water every day to fight with many diseases including constipation. It has been recommended that drinking 1 liter of water early in the morning will wash down the foods that are left in your system. It helps you to clear hard stool in your body and clean the bowels.


  • Baking soda and warm water – Baking soda is another proven remedy for treating constipation. The baking soda neutralizes, re-alkalizes the stomach, and gives relief from stomach ache. Mix one tablespoon of baking soda in lukewarm water to get instant relief.


  • Eat raw or half-cooked vegetable – Getting the best of benefits from vegetables is to eat in the raw or half-cooked form. Vegetables help to reduce constipation. To make them tastier you can steam the vegetable and squeeze some lemon and salt in it to get the good taste.


  • Fruits – Fruits are high in dietary fiber which helps you to relieve from constipation. Fruits such as pears, papaya, oranges, and dates are best known to reduce constipation.


  • Stop eating dairy products – Foods like milk, ice cream, cheese, and other dairy products can lead to constipation because these foods generally bind up your bowel movements.


  • Regular Exercise – Doing regular exercise is good for our overall health in general. It also helps with constipation. The movement may help move your bowels. There are certain exercise or yoga steps which can do wonders to give you relief from constipation.


  • Drink Coffee – Drinking caffeinated coffee helps you to get relief from constipation. Coffee stimulates muscles in your digestive system.
  • Take some magnesium – High doses of magnesium citrate prevent constipation. So try eating magnesium-rich food like whole grains, beans, fish, dark chocolates, nuts, and avocado.


  • Drink mint or ginger tea– Mint or ginger tea is good for the digestive system. Mint relaxes the muscles in your digestive tract and ginger generates heats to speed sluggish digestion. Also, drinking hot water stimulates digestion and constipation relief.


  • Lemon Water– Citric acid stimulates your digestive system. It flushes out toxins and relieves constipation. Squeeze fresh lemon into a glass of warm water every morning and drink.


  • Apple cider vinegar – Apple cider vinegar is a natural drink. Take 2 tablespoons of ACV into a warm cup of water and drink it in the morning. This remedy will surely help you to get rid of constipation.

Alternatively, you can also switch to Vomistop 10 mg tablet. It is a prescription medicine and doctor generally recommend it to treat gastrointestinal problems. You can buy Vomistop 10 mg tablet from at a discounted price. Take Vomistop 10 mg tablet only if your doctor recommends it.